Vertical Wine Tasting of Val de Flores

Last weekend, i did my first Vertical wine Tasting. not only was the whole concept amazing, but it was highlighted by two things, it was of Val deFlores, a great argentinean wine, and the very own Michel Rolland was part of it.

wpid-PhotoGrid_1386242120957.jpg wpid-PhotoGrid_1386241914348.jpg

the wine:wpid-20131130_214111.jpg wpid-PhotoGrid_1386242044654.jpg

What is a Vertical wine tasting? A vertical tasting is conducted by tasting one wine varietal from the same producer from several vintages. For this tasting, we were going to try Val de Flores from 2002- 2008wpid-PhotoGrid_1386241756153.jpg

We went from 3…

wpid-20131130_213245.jpg 4…


… to 5…


…to 6…to 7 wine glasses


Which one did I enjoy the most? I think my favorite was the 2006, followed by the 2005 and then the 2007. The 2002 was also good, considering it hadnt been as developed, but then again, as we learnt it benefited from the great weather conditions of the year. What did I learn? I think i like vintages where there were warmer climates, and my favorite was a mix of warm and cold weather in the same season.

The whole event took place in the restaurant Le Grill in Porto Madero. Excellent restaurant, with a great view. The meat and the provoleta were superb


Provoleta Being made: wpid-20131130_205852.jpg

And Here is the man himself: Michel Rolland 


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