This  lifestyle blog experiment was born out of three things:

1. I´m what you call a renaissance person in terms of interest. I follow trends, blogs, news etc. in all sorts of random subjects: entertainment, arts, theatre, fashion, food, current events, health. I love them all and I´m passionate about them all. I love to travel, to explore and to find new things that excite, inspire and make me happy.

2. As of late I’ve also been asked a lot of advice in different areas: what my favorite restaurant is, where to go for your next summer trip, what show to see on Broadway, What the best TV show to see next season is, what tie to wear with what shirt… I’ve realized my “useless knowledge” as we used to define it in college, could be useful to some, and all my random insights could be aggregated to those who might be interested.

3. I want a creative outlet in my life. I want to share what I find, for others as well as for myself (how many times have I forgotten the name of that great restaurant that I tried? so now it won’t happen again!!!)

So here it goes, you´ll get my thoughts on my world travels, restaurants, fashion, entertainment, health, spirituality all in one :)

3 thoughts

  1. Hello, I’m reaching out regarding the 1776 Review post from tatabau. I would like to know if it’s possible to have a small edit regarding the show’s description. Thank you

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