The Low Down on My Earring Obsession

So I have a small obsession with jewelry, especially earrings. So here goes: my favorite fashion jewelry brands or stores

Dori Csengeri

My Favorite Fashion earrings, period. She is an Israeli designer, who works with hand embroidery and sewn jewelry. Her jewelry is always a conversation piece, which is what I love about accessories, pieces that make an outfit and start up a conversation.  I can usually be found in a pair of her earrings at a wedding!

Here are some of my personal collection

Ayala Bar

 Another Israeli Jewelry designer, but with a more youthful and daytime look than Dori. When I went to Tel  Aviv I had the pleasure of shopping at the actual Ayala store, but their pieces can be found in a lot of cities through their distributors.

Sample of some pieces that I have

Perez Sanz

This is an Argentinean store that does wonderful things mixing leather and silver. Although their specialty is mostly bags (which are amazing) their earrings are definitely standout pieces, especially because they have flair but can be easily matched with your entire closet given their neutral palette.

My Highlights

Address:  Posadas 1477 Buenos Aires

Plus side they also have a store in NY in the upper east side!

Henri Bendel

This is accessories heaven for me. One of my favorite stores in the world and a must stop on any trip to NY (Stores in Malls around the country have wonderful brand products, but for the true accessory paradise experience, there’s no place like 5th Avenue)

Some of my sample pieces bought here:

Address: 712 5th Avenue

Search & Explore

Some of my best pieces have actually come from going into small stores, venturing out in trips and checking vintage pieces all over the world. The more you look the more you’ll find! (Its also wonderful to have that reminder of a great trip in the form of a beautiful accessory).

3 thoughts

  1. I checked out the Dori Csengeri website this morning. Such gorgeous, unique stuff. I really think that it makes much more sense to buy a few, show-stopping accessories and save money on the clothes. thanks for sharing tati, i miss you and your statement earrings!

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