What’s on my Apple TV? The Fall TV Preview

The Fall season is going to start and I am so exited!!!  I need to organize my TV watching habits, see how much space I have for new shows and get exited for all my returning shows.  So here is my guide to the Season

1. MY TV watching

First a rundown of the Regular Season and Summer Shows that I am watching (take note there will be some post watching discussion of these going on!) : Revenge, How I Met Your Mother , The Good Wife, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, White Collar, Necessary Roughness, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Downton Abbey, Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones, Homeland, Akward, Smash, Switched at Birth, Scandal, Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, Heart of Dixie, Drop Dead Diva, Suits, Bunheads

As well as plenty of realities (Chopped, Top Chef, American Idol, The Voice, Project Runway…)

writing it down made me concerned about the amount of time I spend watching TV,  I’m going to be selective on the amount of new shows I try to catch.  (but do tell is there something great I’m missing. Any of these I should put to rest?)

2.   The Fall schedule and ultimate preview Courtesy of the wonderful TVLine.com


3.    Some Commentary, reviews on the New shows for you to pick your favorites






4.    My New Favorites (before the season starts)

Shows I’m really looking forward to watching (Potential Season Passes)


666 Park Avenue

Vannessa Williams + David Adelbee, means I’m definitely watching

Carrie Diaries

Not fall but already really looking forward to it


Shows that have potential but I have my doubts before I hit Season Pass


The New Normal

Emily Owens MD

Im a sucker for a CW drama!

Go On

Saw the Pilot and it was fun but i need to be convinced that it will remain interesting for a full season

Last Resort

Scott Speedman is enough for me to watch the pilot!

But if you know me, I’ll probably watch all the pilots once when they are up,  and then I can definetly make some nice commentary here: whats great, whats ok and which executives make me realize that I could do their job

5.    Great Spoilers for the Fall season!


6.    My biggest questions and thoughts on “Wait for it”.. my returning favorite shows.

–       Can Elena Please go back to Damon?

–       Will the multiple locations in Glee actually work?

–       Maggie Smith and Shirley McLaine together in Downton Abbey – how can that not be fabulous!!!

–       Im loving Jennifer Jason Leigh as Emily’s mother on Revenge

–       How much will Carrie’s memory be affected on Homeland?

–       Is Arizona coming back on Grey’s? and how is Mark leaving?

–       So will Once Upon a Time stay in the Modern or Fairytale land?

–       Who is Quinn?

7.    R.I.P

These are the shows I’m considering putting to rest this season unless they do a complete 180:  90210, New Girl, Suburgatory

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