My Browser Bookmarks – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I did my Bookmarks in Food, Entertainment & Online Fashion Shopping. The turn is now for my Fashion & Lifestyle, Health & Current Events Websites

Lifestyle and Fashion 

  • Daily Candy The epitome of the lifestyle website. Although they have specific websites for individual cities (Miami, NY, Chicago, , they also have an everywhere edition for all of us who don’t live in their cities. They do an editorial every day with a recommendation/listing/review etc.
  • Vanity Fair Great mix of current affairs and pop culture – I really enjoy this magazine
  • Cupcakes & Cashmere This is a blog I discovered recently but which I am really enjoying. She blogs recipes, outfits of the day and agreat idea called 5 things: where she posts 5 things/pictures that has called to her attention today. She just published a book, cupcakes and cashmere, which i have ordered and will review as soon as I have it
  • Bag Snob The ultimate destination for those of us who love Bags!
  • Refinery 29 As with Daily Candy, hey have cities or everywhere edition, but their cities editions are very applicable. I love their reviews, and well as the 5 things this am roundup of the day! – great to follow on twitter!

runner-ups: all the individual fashion houses, as well as Fashion Magazines: Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire

Health, Wellness & Spirituality 

  • Better by Dr. Brooke – Dr. Brooke used to be my  Naturopathic Doctor in NY and she is fabulous! She wrote a book with her husband called  Ultimate You, which is a must read, and her blog is full of wonderful health and wellness tips
  • Me & You Health – It is a social well-being company. It measures your wellness index, and what I love is that if you sign up to their Daily Challenge, it sends you a daily tip on how you can improve your wellness. You can track your friends that are participating and share how you accomplish your daily goal. Their idea is that in little bits, you can improve your wellbeing every day. I have actually increased my wellbeing score during the last year from 53 to 63!
  • Chopra Center – This website is extremely complete. You can access anything from which workshops Chopra is teaching, to his questions and answers, blogs, YouTube videos, meditation guides etc. This is my go to website in terms of spirituality
  • Just One Thing – I get this as a newsletter every week and I really enjoy it, a wonderful read. It is written by Rick Hanson, and in his words JOT is “a free newsletter that suggests a simple practice each week for more joy, more fulfilling relationships, and more peace of mind.” The Media section in his website is great
  • Canyon Ranch – I love Canyon Ranch! if you can you should go
  • Wild Divine – This is a fun shopping/spirituality website. I got from the their biofeedback meditation software and it is a fabulous tool to keep me calm and in check @work. They also send great updates on new meditation links to check out

News & Current Events  

  • NYMag – I really like NYMag (in case you hadn’t realized with all my links). Their blogs (The Cut, Grub Street, Vulture and Daily Intel) are great sources of commentary in their respective fields and good twitter feeds to follow. I also am a fan of their Approval Matrix as well as their restaurant listings
  • Daily Beast – I love how they aggregate news as well as how succinct they are in their pieces. THeir cheat sheets are fabulous to do a quick catch up on themes or events that you don’t have the background for. It was created by Tina Brown, Newsweek’s editor
  • El Tiempo–  The main Colombian newspaper I read
  • Huffington Post
  • BBC – I my opinion, best aggregator of international news
  • CNNSI – source of my sports news


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