My 10 Favorite Dance Movies

I love Dance movies!! These are my 10 favorite dance movies ranked. ( I Am not including movie musicals with great dance scenes – that is for another list!!)
1. Dirty Dancing – i think i said it all in my other post – favorite movie ever means that it is also my favorite dance movie! Its soundtrack includes also some of my favorite songs.
2. Centerstage – I cant believe to tell how much i love this movie! I have watched it so many times, I have all the soundtrack and it even inspired me to take classes at Broadway Dance Studio! If you are a ballet fan, this is your movie!
3. Flashdance – The songs are amazing: What a Feeling, Maniac etc. The fashions are classics of the generation, with the shoulder off swatshirt. And a steelworker wanting to become a dancer is a great story.
4. Footloose – Wonderful songs that make you want to dance. Besides, the shoes at the beggining get me very time!
5. Saturday Night Fever – John Travolta teaching the world how to dance + some of my favorite songs courtesy of the Bee Gees
6. Save the Last Dance – Julia Stiles is wonderful and it was one of the first movies to mix classic ballet with hip hop to great effects
7. Step up – It started a craze (we are now in Step up 4) and introduced us to Channing Tatum and his abs. The dance sequences are amazing, and the story is quite cute.
8. Billy Elliot – A beautiful dance story, with the cutest leading man!
9. Black Swan – Probably the most highbrow movie on the list, being an Oscar Nominee and garnering and Oscar for Natalie Portman. It is of a much darker nature than the rest of the movies on this list, but then again it really portrays a real side to the world of ballet.
10. First Position – A wonderful new documentary about kids competing in the Youth America Grand Prix. a must watch for dance lovers
What are your favorites?

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