In Celebration of International #HappinessDay

Today Is the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness . The link has all their information, but they are attempting to reclaim Happiness. In their mission to reclaim happiness they want people to share the pictures of something that made them happy to generate a vision of happiness. As they are partnering to celebrate this day with Pharrell, this post has to start with his song: Happy  

 (as well as the Glee version) 

I believe there is never a bad excuse to be happy, or to look in the happiness around us, so this post is Tatistidbits version of joining #Happinessday in 5 steps that are very traditional to this blog: 10 things, music ,quotes, articles and new campaigns.

feature quote happy

1.  First, what are things that make me happy. Here are the 10 Things that make me happy. No science to this list, only the first things that popped up in my head, with some pictures/blog posts for them.

  1. Singing my heart out – around the house, in karaoke, in the shower, my smile is always a bit bigger when I’m hitting some notes. Dance, Love, Sing - Souza
  2. An amazing plate of food –  Yes eating makes me happy. And sharing a great meal with friends is a happy day in the making. Some Tatistidbits highlights of some great meals I’ve had:wpid-PhotoGrid_1386103110128.jpg image-8
  3. Discovering a wonderful view  That feeling when you are walking around and the view in front of you just takes your breath away. I’ve shared a few here in the blog:wpid-IMG_20130628_131307.jpgwpid-20130827_065332.jpg
  4. Sharing time with Friends and Loved Onesdonut
  5. Christmas – It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Some of my favorite Christmas Posts20121123_194700
  6. Seeing a great performance Sometimes its that moment when a tear comes out, that actually makes you happy. How a performance can make you  be moved and exited.
  7. Dancing At a nightclub, at a party, but actually the best is dancing like crazy around my house. Some blog inspiration, my list of two things that I loved uniting, Dance and Movies and some Dancespiration 
  8. Sparkles and Champagne – A glass of champagne can always improve my mood, pink champagne – even better. If there is no champagne: prosecco or cava can work.  I am attracted to shinny things, and a good shiny find can be great. I might have the heart of a Christmas tree, the shinier I am (jewelry, sequins etc.) the happier I feel  glitter and champagne
  9. The color pink What can I say, it just makes me smile. Not surprising, today I am actually wearing a bright pink sweater!FEATURE3
  10. A great cup of coffee or tea in a beautiful cafe with a great friend Simple things are the best

Tea and Happy Things  dark chocolate by hairbrainedschemes on Etsy, $15.00wpid-IMG_20131125_185237.jpg

Side note, International Happiness Day is also the NYC Macaron Day! love that, does that mean macarons = happiness? why not!

2. A great song to lift your spirits and put on that happy face: 

3. Some happy quotes: 

happy 3



4. some articles on Happiness Day

5. To finish off, to commemorate the day, its a perfect opportunity to  join the campaign that has been going around: #100happydays. Check , be happy

100 happy days

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