Movie Reviews: Argo & Pitch Perfect

What happens when there is hurricane weather in Florida and you have a bum knee so really don’t want to walk or shop around? Perfect setting for one of my perfect days out: a movie double Feature! The latest was Pitch Perfect followed by Argo.


5 out of 5 stars

This is by far the best movie I’ve seen so far this awards season. I believe all the Oscar buzz surrounding this Ben Affleck film is completely warranted and I think come March it will definitely be one of the best film nominees.

I think what I liked most of this film was its pace and how on the edge of your seat it leaves you. The movie is based on the real life events that happened in the US Iranian embassy at the end of the 70s. I didn’t live through that period of time, nor had strong recollections of learning about it, so going through it was very new for me. I was watching it with my parents who lived through the whole crisis and for them the movie had as much interest as it did to me, so I believe that speaks volumes to the storytelling and approach.

The cast as a whole is great. I think Ben Affleck did a subdued, very effective performance, but its subtlety I believe will hurt him in terms of awards recognition. I really enjoyed from the cast Alan Alda and John Goodman as movie producers and I think Tate Donovan and Clea Duvail are great in their roles.

Recommendation: Stick through all the credits. There are some great pictorial comparisons of actual events and movie events, as well as how all the people looked in real life.


4 out of 5 stars

This movie is straight up my alley and good fun night at the theatre. It was hard for me not to like it, as I am a sucker for a Capella and musicals but this however had the added bonus of a great fun script. I am still singing the songs, and im two days in from seeing it. Also, I officially want to do a riff off… any takers?

I’ve always liked Anna Kendrick and here as an alternative turn a capella girl, she strikes a good balance of tough and sweet. The rest of the cast is also excellent, however the highlight is Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. The Low point: Anna Camp. As good as she was I’m starting to doubt whether she can play a part other than annoying blonde girl. Its getting repetitive.

Takeaway from the film: I am watching the Breakfast Club ASAP again

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