Making Prayer Beads Bracelets




Whilst I was in Miraval, I had session making prayer beads with Mia Lena Designs, who has some beutiful bracelets, that you can see on her website (Her Good Juju Bracelets are great!). Apart from it being super fun and relaxing, It was really fun to see all the significance of the beads. They are the following:

  • African Trade Beads – Happiness
  • Amber – Courage & protection
  • Buddhist prayer beads
  • Butterfly or Dragonfly – Renewal
  • Charoite – Transformation
  • Gold Coral or Red Coral – Life & Strength
  • Bone Bead – Purity & Light
  • Buddha Bead from Tibet
  • Elephant – Abundance & Good Luck
  • Feather – Sign their prayers have been heard, Strength
  • Hematite – Transforms negative energy
  • Labradorite – Reveals divine path in life
  • Lapis – Harmony
  • Moonstone – Stone of new beginnings, Intuition
  • Om Mani Beads – Jewel of the Lotus
  • Pearl – Love and Compassion
  • Recycled African Glass – Clarity
  • Sandalwood – Good luck
  • Skulls – New Life
  • Smokey Quartz – Creativity, Joy
  • Tigers Eye – Peace
  • Turtle – Strength & Wisdom
  • Turquoise – Healing & Balance
  • 3 Beads together – Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Om Button from Thailand – This sacred sound from which the universe was born allows alignment of body, mind, and spirit creating harmony and balance to resonate from within

beads 1

beads 2

What did I make it with (from left to right) : feather, smokey quartz, labradorite, moonstone, Om Mani Beads, 3 pearls, skulls, hematite, Buddha bead from Tibet, Elephant, SandalWood, Hematite, Bone Bead, Charoite, Moonstone, Tiger’s Eye and Czech glass with an Om closure.


The finished product:

IMG_0701 IMG_0699

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