Watching around the web…. including: Pentatonix and Downton Abbey

Some good videos I have encountered around the web…

I was a big fan of The Sing Off, and the winners, Pentatonix. This video of the History of Music in 4 Minutes is absolutely amazing.. how had I not heard it before??? (5M had before me!!) It is a must watch! 

Downton Abbey Parody Performed by Broadway Stars, courtesy of Vanity Fair . It is kind of freaky how similar the actors are! And I loved the Jeremy Jordan Cameo!

Michael Bublé, It’s A Beautiful Day is out and  Boyce Avenue has a beautiful acoustic cover- endorsed by Bublé himself!

If you liked the movie Pitch Perfect, you are really going to enjoy this Music video of Anna Kendrick performing Cups (When Im Gone)

.. incase you didnt get the reference, here it goes: 

Que dificil es Hablar en Espanol (another over 4M hits that I hadn’t watched!)

.. oh and in case you hadn’t seen some of the great videos in the last Roundups.. im giving them an encore:


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