Top Restaurants in Bogota: Crowdsourced edition

We were  discussing with some friends which are our favorite restaurants in Bogota. I had my list of my favorites, but the discussion showed that opinions were varied. I therefore  decided to do a crowdsourced blog post – not only what are my favorite restaurants, but what are my friends top 5 restaurants in Bogota??  As a bonus, top desserts and brunch spots!. Btw, 95% of  this is all about the food, not best atmosphere etc. we were thinking with our stomachs.

My Top 10  Restaurants (in really no particular order)


  1. Rafael
  2. Agave azul
  3. Casa
  4. Watakushi
  5. La Despensa de Rafael
  6. Gordo
  7. El Bandido
  8. Nueve
  9. Central
  10. tie (cant make up my mind) 80 SillasHarry Sasson and Emilia Romagna


My Friends Top 5




rest 3



Top Brunch Spots


  1. Abasto
  2. Club Colombia
  3. Bagatelle
  4. Brot
  5. Masa

Some of the thoughts on Top Desserts…

  • Fried oreos gordo
  • Flan de coco  Central
  • Merengon con arequipe Rafael
  • Volteado de arequipe  La Despensa
  • Choco flan y Napoleón Miriam camhi
  • Soufle de Nutella Teriyaki
  • Postre de nutella con churros Rafael
  • Trío de suspiros Rafael
  • Pie. De limón di Lucca
  • Pie de manzana  H&B
  • Torta de almohabana Club Colombia
  • Galletas Doña Dicha
  • Helado de frutos del bosque Crepes
  • merengue Watakushi
  • Croissant de almendras Masa
  • Pan de banano Central
  • Wontons de Arequipe con salsa de Mora  Osaki
  • Mini wafles de Arequipe crepes

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