2022 Oscar Roundup

I have not done an award recap in a while, so why not start now!

Of course we start with the fashion. My Favorite 2 looks of the 2022 Oscars were:

The other greats:

These were my favorites from the afterparties.

Some media roundup:

My random thoughts:

  • I loved the Colombian love. Yatra singing with Colombian dancers and a suits with Yellow flowers? amazing! Also encanto winning best picture was awesome. However the We do not talk about Bruno situation was not the best, I wish they would have not modified it as much.
  • I still think Dos Oruguitas should have won best song
  • Ariana de Bose winning – Yes theater people!!! also all the CODA people were adorable
  • Liza Minelli is amazing, love her and it pains me to see her so frail
  • What was up with that in memorian?
  • I have to agree with all the commentary on the weird walk in music, the Encanto one with Marc Anthony paying was especially weird as was Africa.
  • Obsessed about the color of Beyonces outfits matching tennis balls perfectly:
  • i don’t think much more needs to be said about the Will Smith situation. violence is never warranted, and the fact that things just transcurred as normal is appalling. I really liked these two takes:

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