2013 New Fall TV Shows Watch – Part 2

I already did Part 1 of this season’s new shows, now its time for Part 2 (Part 3 will follow after the October premieres). Again this is the qualification:

  • Season Pass: I loved it, will probably watch all season and for me it’s worth Buying a Season Pass
  • So far so good: Really liking it, but will wait a little bit more for a full on commitment
  • OK but not great: Willing to give it another episode before I kill it
  • No way: definitely not seeing another episode

MARVEL Agents of Shield 

Season Pass: I am not a super hero/ comic books type of person at all,and yet I loved this show! That says a lot! those who do are going to absolutely adore it . The production values alone make the show worthwhile watching, it is impecably made, the pilot has movie qualities, and you can tell no penny was spared in making the pilot. But there is more: the characters are fun, and it has so much potential for story lines. My favorite of the season so far!!!! (the cw shows haven’t started so some of those might replace it)

The Blacklist

So far so good: This could easily become a Season Pass. It is a cop procedural, but unlike what I said about Ironside, this actually has an edge to it. I love the concept of the relationship between a criminal and a police officer. It has a bit of White Collar to it, with the great partnerships between “good” and “evil” to solve crimes. Yet, it is way darker and has lots of mysteries involved. Definitely checking some more episodes. I just wish the lead wasn’t James Spader, i don’t love him, but he hasn’t irritated me, so fingers crossed! On the otherhand, the actress who plays Elizabeth, the lead, is great!

the Crazy Ones 

OK but not great: I think this could have a lot of potential it is just not realized yet. Kelly Clarkson as the best part of the pilot, but unfortunately she is not a regular cast member. Yet I love Sarah Michelle Gellar and i hope this improves (Even if Robin Williams instead of being an asset to the show could get irritating). The good thing is that I don’t think its one of those that you have to watch every episode to know whats going on. It stands on its own, so you can see them once in a while

The Michael J. Fox Show: 

OK but not great: Its a fun situational comedy show – but its just that, an average fun comedy, like plenty on TV. Can definitely watch this when its around, but I’m not setting my DVR so that I don’t miss a thing.

Broklyn nine- Nine: 

Ok but not great:  This show is gotten some good buzz, but i just think its mostly grating than funny. I don’t see myself watching too many episodes, but if you like Adam Samberg, you will love this show. I don’t love really over the top comedy, and this is over the top at its best. I like my jokes less in my face, and there is nothing subtle about Brooklyn Nine, Nine


So far so good: This one might be controversial. I can see why a lot of people might not like it, it’s soapy and over the top, but i think that’s why I do. It has some elements of Revenge, for those who liked it. It is not amazing, and obviously nowhere near as good as Revenge,  but it is a good show to follow it on Sunday’s. I liked the main characters, and there is clearly a lot to sign up for to future episodes, as they leave a lot of questions lingering: Who , what, why of all the crimes seen in the first episodes. Thinking of that, it has a bit of Devious Maids to it as well (another love or hate it show that i really enjoyed over the summer). I will definitely watch a few more episodes (and hopefully it will not get cancelled before then)

Lucky 7: 

No way: I think its a fun premise, but its a bit hard to see where the show is going from here. Nothing really got me hooked to see more episodes

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