Walking and Eating in NY

There was a lot of food eaten in NY on my last trip, and I hadn’t blogged about it …. Yet. So here’s some food porn on my recent restaurant trips. At the end, some thoughts on the Moma exhibition of Magritte. 

Marea: This restaurant never dissapoints. It is a perfect place for a light wonderful Italian meal. Sometimes I wonder if it deserves its full 2 michelin stars instead of just 1, but its fabulousness is never put into question. My favorite dish: The lobster with Burrata!image-7

Boulud Sud: A new restaurant to try and I loved it. Its the new Daniel Boulud Venture, but this time it specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. At first looking at the menu it might seem quite disjointed the mix of Mediterranean, Spanish, Turkish food, could be a bit much. But all the dishes were extremely good, and as I love all those cuisines, I am not going to be the one complaining about how they are joined together. A highlight of the visit to was that it was truffle season. We were presented with the beautiful box of white truffles (as seen in the picture) and you could add some sprinkles to one of he dishes. I am not one to say no to white truffle!

I really like how the menu is set up: De la mer, Du jardin and De la ferme, which gives it a great grouping. Also the fact that they not only have appetizers, mains and desserts, but also snacks to share. Some of the standout dishes we tried were: Octopus à la plancha and the Harissa spiced lamb loin( with M’Hamsa, Algerian Eggplant, Tzatziki)image-8

Il Buco Alimentaria e Vino I really loved the decor of this place. A great market feel with an open kitchen. Also the lamp to die for! The highlight however of the whole experience was the Short rib sandwich. I of course ordered it without bread,  but it was just amazing. The short rib was covered in peppercorns – band it was absolutely melt in your mouth. A Must! The risotto was also quite good as were the gelatos!image-10

Recette: We went here after theater, and we were a group of 6 so they told us we would have to do a fixed menu. I thought nothing about that when making the reservation, its fairly standard for a small restaurant, to let them manage the kitchen. However they didn’t say what we were having. When we arrived and i wanted to know what we were going to eat, she basically said they would just bring out one of everything on the menu. Plus: We got to try pretty much everything in the restaurant, and therefore I can definitely give you an honest opinion on the best dishes to have. Con: It was WAYYYYY too much food!

My favorite dishes: The roasted Scallops, The wild arugula salad, The lobster, Pork Belly, Duck breast and Veal Chop. For dessert, even though i couldn’t have it, everyone on the table agreed that the deconstructed S’mores was amazing!


also as a side note, if you are in the city check out the Magritte Exhibition at the MOMA. Even though I am not a great fan of Magritte in general, the exhibition is expertly curated and is a definite art lesson on surrealism. (as i couldn’t take pictures of the actual exhibit, some highlights of my favorites of the rest of the MOMA instead courtesy of Monet and Mattise :). Side note of my visit: Getting a MOMA membership was the best deal I could have made. I don’t live in the city, but even if you go twice a year its worthwhile. Why do I love it? You don’t have to stand in line, you can get friends in for guest passes of $5 and you get a discount at the store. Better yet, my favorite this trip was that I actually got to see the exhibits before the actual museum opens, which means you get to avoid the crowds! 


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