Accesory & Jewelry Website Discoveries: Stone & Strand and Bottica

I’ve discovered two cool accesories websites recently, both referenced to me, that I wanted to share. Some new additions to the Online Fashion Shopping web post!

Stone & Strand

Stone & Strand

This website reached me in a very funny way – by mail! (have I shared how much i love receiving physical, stamped mail??? – well I do 🙂 ) I got a postcard advertising the website, with a signed note introducing the website saying that it was founded by a fellow Wharton Alumn. I was goin to dismiss it, but the blurb looked promising, and better yet, the website is actually quite cool. It deals with fine jewelry and as per their blurb seek to “bridge between the accesibility of the internet and the charms of culling through rare treasures in Parisian boutiques, flea markets in argentina and shops in Brooklyn”. It is not Parisian boutique level yet (and i love me some of those!) and seems like its very much on the starting stages, but I believe it has potential. Better yet, there were some cool pieces on there right now! These were some of my favorites:


Left to right: golden Koi by Christine Brandt; Vine Ring by Anna ruth anf This Pink Saphire Pendant by Ray Griffith, I would love, if it only were cheaper!

Bottica - i'd rather wear a unique story

I was sent to this website by a friend of mind, after she liked my blog and realized we shared some common likes in the accesories department!

It labels itself as the world’s best independent jewelry, bags and accesories designers, and I think it is a great find! There is a much greater selection and it takes time to browse but there is good stuff to find here, at great prices as well. I think there will be pieces here for different tastes and preferences.  some of the things I have liked:


Clockwise: SEA OF LOVE necklace by Maria Zureta, White Rabbit Cuff by LindseyMarie, Tiny Rose gold and silk bracelet by BijouxBar by Vivien Frank, Pearly Cuff by Susanna Valerio, Down to Earth Jade Turquoise Flower Ring by Toosis, Delphi Drop Earrings by Suzanna Dai, Crystalised Tangled Bracelet -Red by Elyona

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