Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014

latam 50 best

World’s 50 best Restaurants released the second edition of the  50 best restaurants in Latin America (for 2013 click here). Current tally: I’m still at the 12 out of the 50 of last year. Some general thoughts: We definitely need to up our foodie game here in Colombia. Only having 4 restaurants and the first being spot no. 39 is kind of sad.  I am also extremely happy Central is no. 1. I had a fabulous meal last year there, and the food was superb!

Who is in? Here’s the list:

  1. Central Lima, Peru
  2. Astrid y Gastón Lima, Peru
  3. D.O.M. São Paulo, Brazil
  4. Maní São Paulo, Brazil
  5. Boragó Santiago, Chile
  6. Pujol Mexico City, Mexico
  7. Maido Lima, Peru
  8. Biko Mexico City, Mexico
  9. Tegui Buenos Aires, Argentina
  10.  Quintonil Mexico City, Mexico
  11.  Malabar Lima, Peru
  12. Mocoto São Paulo, Brazil
  13. Roberta Sudbrack Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  14. Aramburu Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. La Mar Lima, Peru
  16. Tarquino Buenos Aires, Argentina
  17. Parador La Huella José Ignacio, Uruguay
  18. El Baqueano Buenos Aires, Argentina
  19. Pangea Monterrey, Mexico
  20. Fiesta Lima, Peru
  21. Chila Buenos Aires, Argentina
  22. La Cabrera Buenos Aires, Argentina
  23. Tomo 1 Buenos Aires, Argentina
  24. Sud 777 Mexico City, Mexico
  25. Manzanilla Ensenada, Mexico
  26. MeroToro Mexico City, Mexico
  27.  Rafael Lima, Peru
  28. Alto Caracas, Venezuela
  29.  Oviedo Buenos Aires, Argentina
  30.  Osaka Santiago, Chile
  31.  La Picanteria Lima, Peru
  32.  Gustu La Paz, Bolivia
  33. Rosetta Mexico City, Mexico
  34. Remanso Do Bosque Belém, Brazil
  35.  Olympe Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  36. Epice São Paulo, Brazil
  37.  Ambrosía Santiago, Chile
  38.  Attimo São Paulo, Brazil
  39.  Criterión Bogotá, Colombia
  40.  Francis Mallman 1884 Mendoza, Argentina
  41.  Amaranta Toluca, Mexico
  42.  Corazón de Tierra Ensenada, Mexico
  43.  Harry Sasson Bogotá, Colombia
  44. Fasano São Paulo, Brazil
  45.  La Bourgogne Punta del Este, Uruguay
  46.  El Cielo Bogotá, Colombia
  47.  Sucre Buenos Aires, Argentina
  48.  Elena Buenos Aires, Argentina
  49.  Leo Cocina y Cava Bogotá, Colombia
  50.  Pura Tierra Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chef’s Choice Award: Gaston Acurio

The Diners Club® Lifetime Achievement Award – Latin America 2014: Alex Atala, D.O.M., São Paulo

Individual Country winners:

  • Argentina – Tegui
  • Bolivia: Gustu
  • Brazil: Dom
  • Chile: Borago
  • Colombia: Criterion
  • Mexico: Pujol
  • Peru: Central
  • Venezuela: Alto
  • Uruguay: Paradar de La huella

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