Eating in Sao Paulo & Buenos Aires

This blog post was in my drafts, i never posted it, so this week it gets to see the light!

A few days in Sao Paulo and Argentina allows time to seek out some new  (and old tried and favorites fares). Some of the highlights:

Tuju: New restaurant in Sao Paulo. Had the 8 course tasting menu (as per below) and it was really good. Strong presence of sea food, really there was only one meat dish. The place has a fun atmosphere, relax but cool and the kitchen was great!



Had a Great tasting menu at Espacio Dolli. Dolli is always a great time, and this year it did not disappoint. image

I love Osaka, so lunch there is always a good idea image

I tried a new restaurant in Buenos Aires: El Baqueano. Discovered it from the Latin Americas 50 best restaurant list, and it was a great experience. It specializes in Argentinean products, but a little bit more off book, and experimental. This was the menu:image

Pictures of the menu::

imageThis tomato dish was my favorite – so many textures and flavours from something that was so deceitfully simple

imageThe llama Carpaccio was spectacular – very tasty (texture is a little bit harder, but I really enjoyed it)

image a great play on words. Its white salmon, infused with carrot so as to appear like pink salmon. The texture is not the best, but a creative take on a dish.

imageI am not a fan of anticuchos so it was hard for me to get a couple of these down, but all the accompaniments were great, and the beauty of the color of the plate cant be denied.

image I had tried ostrich but never Rhea and I am a convert, extremely tasty!!


The two desserts were both beautiful, light and gluten free – just how I like them! image




Other Great restaurants that I tried (but who didn’t get the picture treatment )

Buenos Aires:

  • Fervor
  • Le Grill
  • Sottovocce

Sao Paulo



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