Weekend Eating in the Bay Area (Coi & Chez TJ edition)

I had two days in San Francisco, so of course I tried to get two great meals in (three stars total) Here is the picture evidence.

COI I really enjoyed myself  here. The food was light and beautiful, a long but not overly heavy or filling meal which was excellent. The ingredients were top notch and the presentation might have been the best part of it. There was a lot of talk on Coi after Chef/owner Daniel Patterson left and this was one of the first days of Matt Kirkley as EC, but I still enjoyed myself immensely, and considered their 2 Michelin stars very much deserved. I was surprised at how empty the dining room was though for a Friday night – weird.  Here is the picture evidence of what was eaten

POMMES SOUFFLEES salt cod, bergamot, coffee – A great start to the meal. Really enjoyed that it was both hot and cold at the same time


BUTTER CLAM bibb lettuce, lardo, buckwheat crepe – the plates were probably as beautiful as the food.


FLUKE etrog, oscetra caviar – beautiful presentation. It was very enjoyable but probably the least flavorful dish in the meal


OCEAN TROUT citrus confit, chartreuse, fines herbs – this was my favorite dish, both in terms of how beautiful it looks and how amazing it tasted. There was a lot of textures as well as temperature. The potatoes were warm the trout room temp and the little slabs on top were ice cold. A little party in the mouth.


DIVER SCALLOP castelfranco radicchio, black truffle


FISH RIBBONS lobster roe, lobster broth  – It really tasted as good as it looked. THe borth was super flavorful.


MAINE LOBSTER black and royal trumpets, sauce maltaise


TURBOT winter vegetables, beurre cancalaise – This was the favorite dish of my friend who I was dining with. Simple yet perfectly executed.


ABALONE bone marrow, black truffle – I’m not a big fan of bone marrow but this was amazing. It was also an amazing way to make decadence light. You had black truffles, abalone and bone marrow which are luxury staples, but also have heavy connotations, and this bight was just airy and delightful.


GRAPEFRUIT pastis, black pepper


Of the two desserts none of them were chocolate which made me such a happy camper. They were bright, refreshing, just with enough sweetness, but not overpowered. Totally up my alley

COCONUT CUSTARD green apple, ginger


ALMOND caramel, candied preserved lemon, amaretto


as a bonus — the butter was so pretty


CHEZ TJ  The second restaurant was Chez TJ a one star Michelin in the Bay Area. I really enjoyed the fact that they have two options of fixed menus, a seasonal menu, which is a shorter seven course one with all ingredients being sourced locally, and then a more extensive one that is more worldwide.  We ordered the fixed menu, and although it was a really enjoyable meal, i think it might have been a bit overpriced for what it was.  Here is what we ate.

The starter, a delicious celeriac soup


I think this salad was the least special part of the meal, yummy and the coated egg was beautiful but not as special as the other dishesIMG_3316

A simple but beautiful fish with a tomato and pesto sauce. IMG_3317

This aged rib-eye was my favorite dish. With a puree and shaved truffles on top amazing!IMG_3318

for desert a butterscotch cake that was really delicious and most importantly I could not believe was gluten free – such good textures!IMG_3319IMG_3320


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