Dom Perignon Balloon Venus by Jeff Koons

koons2A new great collaboration was launched during Fashion Week in NY. It’s super fun because it involves two things I love: Champagne and art! Jeff Koons collaborated with Dom Perignon for a limited edition called Balloon Venus for the Rose Vintage 2003. It is Based on Koons work that was inspired by the Venus of Willendorf.  The Balloon Venus is a small work by Koons that when opened you get the bottle of champagne. Approximately 200 will be produced, priced at $20,000. He also designed better priced limited-edition gift boxes for the Rose Vintage 2003 and the Blanc Vintage 2004 that sell at $349 and $169 – those we could actually potentially afford!  Check out the pictures below, and the website linked above for all the information.

Some articles on the collaboration: From Vogue: Jeff Koons Launches Limited-edition Champagne Cases and Sculpture with Dom Perignon and Jeff Koons Celebrates Life And a collaboration with Dom Perignon

According to DP website: “Dom Pérignon by Jeff Koons” prolongs the encounter between Dom Pérignon and Jeff Koons. After creating the Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon Rosé, Jeff Koons transposed its creation and re-designed the iconic codes of Dom Pérignon’s bottle and giftbox, by taking inspiration from the shapes and colours of Balloon Venus. This Limited Edition is the ultimate expression of the fruitful collaboration based on absolute shared vision of the power of creation and of collaboration. “Being creative is trying to expand what the possibilities are”, says Jeff Koons. Within the gift boxes, we discover, with an exceptional playfulness and intensity, two Vintages of the year: Dom Pérignon 2004—intense, elegant and radiant—and Dom Pérignon Rosé 2003—vibrant, seductive and infringing. A promise of a both divine and profane experience.

 The Gift Box: The gift box was designed by Jeff Koons himself, for both Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 and Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003, with a careful all-embracing conception of the outside and the inside facets. The outside reproduces on a dark background the Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon matching their colour with the cuvee: pink for the Rosé and yellow for the Blanc. A view of the artist’s studio is visible on the reflective surface of the Balloon Venus and refers to the creative energy of the artist. The image is underlined by Jeff Koons’ signature. From the outside, the gift box extends the feeling of being in the presence of Balloon Venus, as the reproduction sets à 360° view of the object. The gift box opens to expose the bottle, unveiling first an elaborate design that simulates the iridescent interior of the original sculpture made of high chromium stainless steel with transparent colour coating dress. The iconic Dom Pérignon bottle erupts, exactly as it does from the body of the Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon, magnifying the revelation.

The Bottle: Similar to the boxes, the bottle foils give a pop-twist to the colour of its cuvee, Dom Pérignon Blanc or Rosé, interpreting the tension between the colours and the dark bottle. It bears a metallic shield with the same colour layout as the foil and the box. The label plays with coloured surface on the depth of shield, emphasizing its allure, playful and still mysterious.”

Photo: David X. Prutting/


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