Amazing NY food, including Momofuku Ko and Chef’s Table

Along weekend in NY provided some great culinary moments, here are the highlights:

Momofuku Ko finally tried it and it totally lived up to the hype. Excellent food, cool space and great service. As for those of you gluten free like me, the difference between my meal and those around me was almost indiscernible.  Here’s what I ate:

Amouses: Pomme soufle

lobster paloise scallop-ham The kitchen:

to the courses….

fluke- mustard greens – lardo – fresh and wonderful

spot prawn – cornmeal  a great way to teach you that absolutely every part of the prawn is edible and delicious 

ko egg- with sturgeon caviar – the highlight of the meal for me. Simple yet absolutely perfect.

beef- hibiscus campari – it doesn’t have the best visual impression but man was it tasty. It seemed like a very Nordic dish, the meat was almost preserved/fermented in a hibiscus/campari blend

razor clam – pineapple basil – simple but refreshing broth. Not the highlight of the meal but there is really no bad dish here

tilefish – squash, chickweed – beautifully cooked fish, although my least favorite dish of the meal

lamb – asparagus, ramp –  this was the dish we were hoping for throughout the meal. This lamb preparation had so many steps that you could see throughout your meal that by the moment it got to your seat expectations were very high. It delivered. Beautiful meat and amazing tempura (i really wanted more tempura) 

kumquat palate cleanser

foie gras – lychee, pine nut riesling – it was a dessert but in a ways it was not. So weird and interesting, but it did taste like sweet foie gras. bizzare and cool if only a tad disconcerning.

wild rice – kelp – my type of dessert, just a bit sweet, great textures and ice cream!

almond – vin jaune, sorrel – this is one of the best gluten free tarts I have had and the sorrel ice cream was spectacular (you have to be a fan of sorrel though, which i am because it was intense!)

the wines:

Chef’s Table another NY visit to what s one of my favorite places to eat. This is a pictorial representation of what we had this time:

Cosme – Still my favorite place for brunch but please do not order the artic char tostada, you will be in pain because of the heat – trust me. The New Branzino tacos dish is delicious (and quite pretty to look at!)


Prawns tostada, chipotle deco

Arctic char tostada, salsa macha, salmon roe – so deadly 

Marea – one can never go wrong in marea, and it has my favorite appetizer: the Astice.

Del posto – if you are gluten free like me, Del Posto is your food heaven. I had three pastas — plus an extra one because i had an issue with the second one. Plus gluten free foccacia and donuts. I was in food comma but a very happy food comma. I had never had gluten free tortellinis in brodo and it made my day.




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