Trying out Latam’s 50 Best: Aramburu

Vacations are a great time to catch up on a lot of blog posts that I had not finished. So prepare for an ambush. First up a fabulous dinner that we had at Aramburu in Buenos Aires this past December. I had not been since 2016 (I can remember the day perfectly, it was the day Donald Trump won, not a happy day). In a new location, it had more space and a more agreeable space. The food: Much better than i remembered. Highly recommend it as it is extremely tasty yet not heavy at all. The sommelier was also spectacular. Here the pictorial diary of what we ate.


CAJU CHEESE – Beet, seeds
CLOROFILE – Jalapeño — So cute and tasty little bites – especially the Jerusalem artichoke

CANNOLI – Pumpkin
SCALLOPS – Huacatay – This was probably my favorite bite of the night! a little scallop cloud!

APPLE – Chickpea

IMG_8926.JPGBABY GOAT – donut pastry – My none gluten free friends got the beautiful little black pastry, it was so cute. Mine was pretty tasty too, I got the filling with a red crips, although i think it did not do that much justice to the original

CARROT TARTAR – Its so wonderful when things can be healthy and yet absolutely tasty

MUSHROOMS Asparagus, mushroom soup

ENDIVE – shrimps, parsley, yogurt  The frozen shrimp was spectacular

FISH – White carrot

DEER – Onion, Parsley

DUCK – Turnip and Jerusalem Artichoke  –a great dish, i just wished my skin was a bit more rendered


POPCORN – Salt, phylo pastry – I love salty desserts

THYME AND DULCE DE LECHE – This might be one of my favorite desserts in a very long time. IT was so good they brought us seconds. The mix of the dulce the leche and the thyme was sweet but refreshing. I could eat this everyday.

The restaurant


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