Vienna Christmas Markets

I loved everything about the Christmas markets in Vienna. However there are so many and they are quite different so here’s a little guide of the ones I went and my favorite ones. As for an overview, they are all pretty much the same, lots of crafts, lots of local food (pretzels galore) and my favorite the drinks. Mostly punch and Gluhwein (spiced warmed wine), i loved the Gluhwein. My sister not so much, but she kept me company.  The Gluwein is usually 4 Euros, but you have to gibe 8 Euros since you have to put a deposit for the mug, but i never wanted to give it back!To clarify, yes I took all my mugs home, no return of the mug for me and they are happily serving me post holiday time!

CHRISKINDLMARKT IN RATHAUS CITY HALL The most traditional and famous of the markets, and it makes for a pretty picture but it really wasn’t my favorite. The stands were a little bit too generic and so many people. However the lights are gorgeous and I really liked the heart tree.  It also has the most things to see and do apart from stalls and food, as it also has a skating rink and games.

BELVEDERE – This a gorgeous setting for a market. It is small and does not have a lot of things but its the perfect stop pre or post entering the museum (which of course you have to go, because you have to see the Kiss). The backdrop is beautiful both day and night. Sadly the market and the pretty night hours are not as coordinated

STEPHANSPLATZ  A must as you will be here, checking out St Stephan church which is absolutely gorgeous. The market is small but easy to manage, and it is a great companion to a must see tourist attraction.

AM HOF This was the market i went to the most as it was right below my hotel (clearly the above picture I took from the hotel room). It was small yet had some cool crafts and special artisan stands. It also had for the the best sausage stand and creative high end drink bard like a hot aperol and a champagne bar, not juts gluhwein and punsch here.

FREYUNG This was probably the least impressive market. It was close to the Amhof so it has convenience going for it and a beautiful outside backer but all the others I would go to first

MARIA-THERESIEN-PLATZ This was my favorite market in Vienna. The pictures are not great as there was some torrential rain going on, but even still I found it spectacular. Beautiful background of the plaza and the Natural History and Arts museum. Some of my favorite stalls (i bought some great Christmas decorations) good space, normal crowds and wonderful view.

MICHAELERPLATZ This is really a beautiful photo-op with a little market underneath. I didn’t even realized it was a full fledged market until i was reading a guide. You will definitely go through here to get to Hofburg, so you will do a stop but its a 10 minute situation. I really liked that it is all white but there are not that many things, and no food or drink



SALZBURG MARKET – this one was not in Vienna but it was definitely my favorite. It was my whole’s family’s favorite. Not only is it smack in the middle of Salzburg which is an absolutely gorgeous town, and this is exactly what we expected from a Christmas market. The stalls were beautiful, the crafts were so much more authentic and bonus points it was mas favorite mug and Gluhwein.

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