A new 4 day adventure in Mendoza

I had such an amazing time at Mendoza the first time that I had to do it all over again. Although we repeated some things because they are just too good, there were some new discoveries, and as always even in the same place you never get the same experience twice. We also stayed an extra day this time because – why not? Here was our itinerary:


Lunch: Casa Vigil El Enemigo – The food is great the wine is spectacular and the best thing – all you can drink (We learned the hard way).  We had the Gran Enemigo tasting of:

  • Gran Enemigo Single Vineyard Agrelo
  • Gran Enemigo Single Vineyard Gualtallary
  • Gran Enemigo Single Vineyard El Cepillo
  • Gran Enemigo Single Vineyard Chacayes

and my favorite is still Gran Enemigo Gualtallary. However there was a wide debate at the table as to what was the favorite unlike last time we were there. Cepillo had a lot of fines and Agrelo was a second favorite for me.

IMG_8479IMG_8472 (1)2f05cffc-56e0-46f6-9487-e7d9eac6dca1

Pulenta Estate: A new discovery and wonderful, great wine, great food, good location and the private tasting room was so beautiful. Some of the pics. We tasted:

  • VII Gran Corte
  • X Gran Malbec
  • XV Gran Pinot Noir
  • XI Gran Cabernet Franc.

My favorite, the Pinot Noir followed by the Cabernet Franc.

After a very heavy day of drinking, we had a casual but excellent meal at Maria Antonieta in Mendoza.



We spent the day  at Clos de los Siete in Valle de Uco. 9f031baa-c27c-4939-b338-412fd0c2d9e5First up was Wine making at Cuvelier de los Andres. This was such an amazing experience. We had a championship of tasting, blending, making our wine and in the end choosing our favorite bottle. How cool were our drunk panda and unicorn wines?


Afterwards we had Wine tasting at Rolland which is an extremely beautiful winery, the chandelier in the barrel room is just spectacular8a595321-de1e-48c1-9c66-6947dacd2327Image-1

Amazing tasting directly 2017 from the barrel, before it gets bottled. We had Arthur and Teo, Camille and Raphael.

We then had a Great meal at Diamandes, that had some great wine pairings at their Diam’s, Bistrot & bar restaurant


Continuing our day in Valle de Uco, we went to The Vines hotel to have Dinner at Siete Fuegos. The view was spectacular:



i managed to take pictures of six of the siete fuegos (seven fires) before dinner, even if we didn’t do the Siete Fuegos Dinner :

Our meal was spectacular. There was no wayuu meat this time but we still had some wonderful cuts. The entrana was delicious, the only thing that didn’t convince us: the desserts, they were just not good.



Who says you can’t have wine at 9am? Well that’s what we did at Cobos with a 930am tasting. It was still fabulous and you really cant have a better breakfast. Some sad news from the tasting, they are cancelling the Cobos Volturno and Marchiori. They are only keeping one Cobos brand. Good thing is we got a tasting or the Marchiori. The wines that we had:

  • Bramare Cab Sauv Marchiori Estate
  • Bramare Malbec Rebon Estate La Consulta
  • Bramare Malbec Las Compuertas
  • Bramare CAbernet Franc Chacares Estate Los Arboles.
  • Cobos Malbec Marchioro.

My favorites of Course the Cobos and the Cab Franc Los Arboles. I think Cab Franc was the discovery of the trip!


Trapiche    We then had a fabulous visit at Trapiche. Beautiful grounds with Beautiful history. These historical presses were so cool


and we cant complain about the view.


We had a great meal at the Restaurante Espacio Trapiche. The food pairings were excellent. Also our sommelier was very knowledgeable and we had one of the best tasting/wine learning experiences in our trip.

  • OLIVAS Olivas + Manzana +Apio 
    • Vino: Fond de cave Brut NatureIMG_8808
  • CONEJO Conejo + Limon + Queso Crema 
    • Vino: Trapiche Costa y Pampa Sauvignon Blanc
  • GALLINA Huevo + Arveja +Cebolla
    • Vino: TRapiche Medalla CHardonnayIMG_8817
  • CORDERO Cordero + Remolacha 
    • Vino: Iscay Syrah
  • VACA Filet Mignon + Papa + ilumo 
    • Vino: Trapiche Terroir Series Finca Orellana MalbecIMG_8823
  • ABEJAS Miel + Ricota + Nuez 
    • Vino: Fond de Cave Tardive749f5fd6-089d-4c4c-950d-deadeb3a176f
  • HUERTA Chocolate + Cafe + Hongon
    • Fond de CAve Encabezado de MalbecIMG_8825

The remains of the day:


We also tasted some delicious Linterna wines:


a noon flight means that we got one final tasting in. Our choice: Catena Zapata. D638C0DC-D5B7-47BE-BC59-0DD6BB38C7BA

We did the Adrianna Vineyard Grand Cru Visit tasting. Wines: Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard White Bones, Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard White Stones, Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard Fortuna Terrae, Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard River Stones and Nicolás Catena Zapata. Available hours: Tuesday and Friday 10:30 h. Some pics:

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