A revisit to Miraval in Arizona

I hadn’t gone back to Miraval Arizona since 2017. I did a trip to Austin in between, but it was nice to go to the original, one of my favorite places as I have said here many a times, and a perfect place to visit in these times.

Whats new that I love? These were some of the new offerings that I tried that I really enjoyed. Of course you have heard about all my favorites in this past post

cook for me chef – This 5 course meal in the Culinary kitchen cooked for you with great wine pairings by the chef was one of the highlights. Not only was it super tasty, seeing it cooked was very fun and it was a great overall experience with the conversations that are had. The artichoke sauce i am replicating for like.

Plant based cooking class – I think the cooking kitchen is the new thing since last time i came, i loved all the offerings and this plant based cooking class I took was super delicious and quite informative. Also how cute is the set up? The class was with Warren Weeks, The executive chef of miraval, and he was so good.

Creating Joy and Harmony- this group session with Richard Noel was very much up my alley, spirituality + music, i was highly entertained and inspired

I also tried for the first time Equine Meditation, it was interesting and a new way to experience mindfulness.

My drink of choice, the ginger drink is as prevalent as ever but now I have a new one, the Golden Milk. I had so many of them!

As for therapist apart from all the ones I loved from before, i tried two new ones that were great and couldn’t recommend them more highly: an astrology session with Ravi Karr and a healing session with Rae Jessie Gordon.

The local is as beautiful as ever, some of the pics i took this year:

What didn’t I absolutely love? Although I was super excited to stay in the new rooms (the 600) the access to them is still a bit iffy and not fully developed. I think 50% of my daily workout was going back and forth from my room!

What was affected in COVID times? Things were a bit different. I think the key difference is food and masks. In terms of food, on the positive side, room service and take out are an option, and they are included, you just need to pay a fee for room service delivery. On the not so great side, not surprisingly, the wonderful salad and breakfast bars are gone and now it is all a la carte. There is less capacity in the resort and in classes and masks are mandatory in all indoor activities and those outside where you are not socially distant. Everything felt very safe and organized.

Now having a closer reflection of Tucson vs Austin did my analysis change? Not really. I think Tucson is great in terms of amenities and if the plan is more to go for spa offerings. Also its so much easier to access at least for me. Tucson is still better in my book for more varied therapists and activities.

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