Food Adventures: Alma & revisiting Clove Club, Chefs Table & Atera


In my recent visit to Lisbon we went to Alma and it was a wonderful experience. I had the costa a Costa menu, as it was a bit more my taste and they had carabineiros. Highlights for me were the tomato ice cream and the little pre bites! Heres what was on the menu.

During the last couple of months Ive also done a revisit of some of my favorites in my recent trips, so Im updating some of the picture menus and experiences:

Clove club (London) – It is as good as always, the entire meal was amazing. For me the highlight was the venison and the perfectly cooked salmon. Also the dessert figs were to die for.

Chefs table: Menu was as spectacular as always, with the highlights being the caviar bites at the start and of course my favorite dessert in the world: the frozen souffle

Atera (new York) although it was a delicious meal, the revisit to Atera wasn’t as successful as the original. First time around there were a few dishes that I still remember 5 years later, like the lobster roll with merengue. Here everything was great but i think the only two ones that i will def remember are the beatles strawberry desert and the chicken skin sandwich.

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