Trying out the World’s 100 Best: Leo Cocina y Cava

For my Birthday I decided to try out Leo Cocina y Cava, for which I had not gone in a long time (not after they started the tasting menu) and definitely not since they were named 99 in the Worlds 50 + and the only Colombian entry. In summary: its good , its not great.It is a great start into Colombian flavors and they are trying to use ingredients very creatively, but it still has a way to go. I feel its trying to do what Central is doing for Peruvian ecosystems, just not at that top notch level. Service is also not at the best level, a little slow, some dishes instead of giving me gluten free they just did not give me the course and the wine list is not where it should be. But for food and Colombia it is a great spot! Although is it the best restaurant in Bogota – i think it could be considered in terms of inventiveness, but for food not. Here’s what we had (I’m sorry for the lame translations in advance but some of these ingredients, well there is no way to start) :

Pescado, quiche de agua, guesguin copoazu (fish)  a great little bite to start, with a nice sweet hint due to the copoazu fruit.


Amasijo de sagu, guasca (sagu bread with guasca sauce) – this one i didnt get as it had gluten but it looked pretty!



  • Queso de yogur, hormigas limoneras, papa nativa (cheese with ants and potatoes)
  • Langostilla limon mandarino, basket pepper, leche de coco (coconut milk with shrimp)
  • Albacora, Hormigas culonas, pipilongo, miel de cana (tuna and ants)
this amuse bouche was great (and i also love the tuna that was covered in antes that i did not take a picture of it)
this was a bit too dry

Envuelto de Pescado, copey, arroz titote (fish tamale with rice) – one of my favorite dishes, the rice was very nice



Babilla, chontaduro, aji negro (caiman with chontaduro) thi was not my favorite dish – the babilla was too dry and too much of the flan type.


Pirarucu, cacay, yuca agria, aji ojo de pez

Kapeshuna, santamaria de anis – this was nice, but a bit too strong. i don’t even know how to describe it, its a strong liquid (like coconut milk but sourer) with cassava chips fish and other things. IT was weird but strong.img_6312

Pato de Patio, arepa de maiz cariaco (duck taco in arepa) – this was the best dish – a colombian taco at its best


Indio, Salsa trifasica, cubio (the sauce is a trifasica sauce: pork, chicken, meat)  – the sauce was to die for the rest was just a way to eat it.



Palmito, Sabajon, feijoa (heart of palm with eggnog) – my type of dessert one that is almost not sweet.



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