Favorite Food & Wine Movies

What are two of the things I like the most: Food and Movies. Therefore, I thought putting them together could not be a bad combination. What came out? My ten favorite movies about food (and as a little extra my three favorite wine movies)

Great Food Movies

1. Ratatouille – for me, it is the ultimate foodie film. As absurd as a rat in the kitchen sounds – I love this movie! Pixar + food = a great combination. Fun anecdote of this movie: I had never tried ratatouille before watching this movie- now it is one fo my favorite side dishes!

2. Julie & Julia – Julia Child is an institution when it comes to cooking, and in this movie Meryl Streep is fabulous playing her. The concept of a modern woman recreating her dishes is also great, and now that I am writting a blog I enjoy it even more!!

3. No Reservations – It’s a  romantic comedy about chefs, which pretty much meant that ! would automatically love it, just give its  premise. However the movie is actually very good! bonus of the movie: its stars Aaron Eckhart who I love.

4. Love’s Kitchen – This is an obscure little movie, but it is quite charming and showcases wonderful food. It has some great commentary on the power of critics in the food industry. The pub culture also made me miss London!

5. Today’s Special – This one has to be the most obscure  films on my list. It is a small independent movie about an indian chef who doesn’t cook indian food saving his family’s indian restaurant. I really enjoyed it, definitely check it out.

6. Waitress – If you like pie this is your movie. It stars the wonderful Keri Russell (who I’ve loved since Felicity) who turns all her emotional problems  and life events into inspirations for her pies!

7. Simply Irresitible – This is an old cheesey movie that I love, if  only for the wonderful premise that food can be enchanting & magical! It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar.

8. Like Water for Chocolate – A classic! The utmost definition of how food can be totally seductive

9. Chocolat – I dont like Chocolate (shocking! I know!), but I love this movie. Juliette Binoche is great in it and who can resist Jhhonny Depp showing up at your store 😉

10. Woman on Top – Another movie that fits into the food is seductive trend. Penelope Cruz in one of her first English speaking films plays a TV chef that enchants with her cooking!

Great Wine Films

Sideways – The utmost classic and most well known wine movie (it is Oscar nominated).

Bottle Shock – This is a beautiful movie about a Californian Winery taking on the French wines.  Definetly recomended for any wine lover

The Chateau Meroux – I warn you, this is a film of significantly less quality than the two that have come before. However it is a cute romantic comedy about a girl who inherits a winery and has to figure out how to save it.

the I dont know if it applies entry: Caramel – I love this movie, and even though it is not a food movie, it is called Caramel, and the scenes of them making the caramel are amazing (as you can see below)!

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