Whats on iTunes? Some Reviews

I havent posted in a while, because Ive been travelling quite a bit. Lots of travelling, means less time in my computer but it means a lot of iTunes entertainment in my iPad on Planes. I catched quite a few movies and miniseries (apart from my weekly shows) and here’s what I thought:

Beasts of a Southern Wild: I had very high hopes for this movie. It won at Sundance and has some amazing Oscar Buzz, and therefore I was very exited to see it. I have to say it unfortunately did not meet my high expectations. There are some high points, for sure. The girl who plays the title character: Hush Puppie, is absolutely amazing and engaging and you just want to observe everything she does. however that wasnt enough to keep me 100% into the movie. I felt depressed after watching it, and more and more I’m looking to movies to get aways from harsh reality and this one just brought me straight and forward to it. Additionally the story was a bit jumbled for me, and at the end, I really did not get it – I felt it could have been finished up in a tidier manner.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green: definitely not a great movie but it’s a family flick that does have some charm. The kid who plays Timothy has great charisma and even though the story is not the most engaging, the movies does have a lot of heart

Step up Revolution: it doesn’t hold a candle against step up 1 which I love, but that doesn’t mean that it is not an enjoyable movie. It is a great plane movie – light and enjoyable. The dance sequences are wonderfully choreographed, and I really enjoyed that it was all based on dance mobs (maybe because I’ve always wanted to participate in a flash mob!). The main characters ate wonderful dancers and I love, as a SYTYCD fan, that Mia Michaels makes a cameo appearance. Don’t expect great storytelling, do expect to have fun and see great dancing!

Mankind: this is a miniseries for the history channel. I’ve just seen the first episodes but I am hooked. I am a history buff and this is right up my alley. It has great storytelling and I’m actually learning a lot of cool new facts.the only thing I disliked is James Brolin as the narrator – I thought his narration was a bit too aggressive and not as modulated as it should be. Brian
Williams in his cameo appearances is much better.manking

For a good time call... A very average movie. Also probably not the movie to watch with a person sitting next to you on the plane! The actresses are good but the movie didn’t fully engage me. I actually stopped watching after a while and switched to another movie for a while because I got bored.

My other movies where of the Christmas made for TV movie variety. I LOVE Christmas movies and I watch all of them (you know there will be a Christmas movies post coming up). I was very exited to see that there we a lot of last years hallmark and lifetime Christmas movies that were now on iTunes so I decided to catch up.

Christmas Magic this was a great holiday film, exactly what I expect of Christmas made for TV movies , but even so, absolutely enjoyable and what you want. Lindi Booth is wonderful as the angel, and the kid also plays a great role. this is the type of movie that makes you giddy about Christmas and actually makes you want to believe in miracles.

A Princess for Christmas
This was Hallmark trying to imitate Disney and failing at its attempt. It had some cute moments and the setting was great, but it was formulaic in a predictable way (you know what was going to happen from the start) . The leads I felt were a bit stiff, and it was weird seeing Roger Moore in this type of movie. The highlight is the little girl who plays Maddie and the great ballgown!

The Christmas Consultant this is a terrible movie, and that is bad coming from me, as I find something enjoyable in all Christmas movies. David Hasselhoff is just not convincing in his role and the other characters were grating. It relied on clichés too much, and I think the only reason I saw it all the way to the end was because I was at that point running low on entertainment options in my iPad

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