Eating my way through NYC, with evidence to prove it

I went to NY and what did i do – eat! a lot! here’s some food porn of my restaurant tour that i hadn’t posted on before! (you can also tell I was very happy using Diptic and Typic in my new phone!). As for the evidence, its the pcitures of course! (im willing the extra pounds away 🙂 )

Daniel I think my highlight, more than the food, which was flawless , was that I got to meet Mr. Boulud himself! Second highlight was the scallop ceviche with uni!20130402-103103.jpg

Tertulia I had heard a lot about this Spanish place, you can see some of the praise in this link. I went for lunch and was very impressed. The ambiance is great, it was a good wine selection and the food is great for nibbling, especially in groups. I really liked the pulpo I had, and I loved the fact that they change their paellas of the day. Service was amazing!


Aldea – A quite established NY Portuguese restaurant with great reviews that I hadn’t tried. The restaurant is very low key, but very well decorated, its not a late night happening spot, but the food is really excellent. There were a number of courses we tried, the highlights were the venison, the pulpo and the famous arroz con pato, which we had heard a lot about. I loved the open plan kitchen, and the fact that George Mendes, the chef was actually there all night and we could see him work! The arroz con leche for dessert was a keeper too!




Nomad: I had been to Nomad before, but for lunch, so I decided to check it out for dinner. I think the decor of the place is excellent and it has a great vibe. The food this time around was a good as before. My parents ordered (I unfortunately cant order it since it is not gluten-free) the famous chicken, and raves abounded. They basically cook the whole chicken and serve the  white meat and the dark meat in two separate, preparations. The lobster was amazing as well. 


Brushstroke: I wanted to try Brushstroke for a while. It is a A joint venture between Chef David Bouley and Japan’s top culinary school, The Tsuji Culinary Institute, and it is mainly Japanase prix fixe menus. We went after theater, and I don’t recommend that, its better when you go earlier because: 1. you have more options of tasting menus ( we only got to choose from 1)and 2. you have more time to savour the meal, ours felt a bit rushed (probably because they wanted to clean up and go!). The food was great however. The dishes were very inventive and the sushi was ridiculously fresh.  There were many dishes served to us, but some of the highlights were the truffle soup the lobster with uni  and the tea crusted duck.




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