2016 NY Fall Food

Fall is Here and that means lots of new restaurants in NY city. Some of the guides as to what to expect:

Of some of the ones that have actually opened Ive tried some: Oya, which ive already raved about multiple times and which in the last tasting had these two amazing new dishes, as well as these old ones:

Clocktower: Total disappointment. Yes the dining room is beautiful and the food is pretty but it just did not have that pull to make me go back. Also i was highly dissapointed with what I ordered. I ordered a flank steak with Bearnaise, and they brought me Bearnaise with pickles (sacrilege!!) I hate pickles and apparently they had no plain Bearnaise, total ruined the dish. The caprese was good, but just not good enough for me to come backwpid-photogrid_1447250997987.jpg wpid-photogrid_1447251018380.jpg

L’amico: Great Decor, Great Food, Great crowd of people there.

Jams A little bit of a disappointment. The food is ok but not great, definitely not to the Jonathan Waxman standard. Service was slow, and its just an average restaurant. The decor was cool though

The one I’m most looking forward is definitely Sirena, as I am a huge Batali and Del Posto Fan;  Indian Acccent, as I went to the one in Dehli and Loved it , although sadly its looking more of a Winter than Fall opening, and the Dan Kluger unnamed place as I was a fan of everything he did at ABC kitchen.

It also means Michelin Guides were out and i never posted them, so here are  the 2016 New York Michelin List of Starred Restaurants:

  • Three Stars
  • Two Stars
    • Aquavit
    • Atera
    • Blanca
    • Daniel
    • Ichimura
    • Jungsik
    • Marea
    • Modern (The)
    • Momofuku Ko
    • Soto
  • One Star:
    • Ai Fiori
    • Aldea
    • Andanada
    • Aureole
    • Babbo
    • Bâtard
    • Betony
    • Blue Hill
    • Bouley
    • Breslin (The)
    • Brushstroke
    • Café Boulud
    • Café China
    • Cagen (new)
    • Carbone
    • Casa Enríque
    • Casa Mono
    • Caviar Russe
    • Delaware and Hudson
    • Del Posto
    • Dovetail
    • The Finch (new)
    • Gabriel Kreuther (new)
    • Gotham Bar and Grill
    • Gramercy Tavern
    • Hirohisa (new)
    • Jewel Bako
    • Juni
    • Junoon
    • Kajitsu
    • Kyo Ya
    • La Vara
    • Luksus at Tørst
    • Meadowsweet
    • Minetta Tavern
    • Musket Room (The)
    • M. Wells Steakhouse
    • NoMad
    • Peter Luger
    • Picholine
    • Piora
    • Pok Pok Ny
    • Public
    • Rebelle (new)
    • River Café (The)
    • Rosanjin
    • Semilla (new)
    • Somtum Der (new)
    • Spotted Pig
    • Sushi Azabu
    • Sushi of Gari
    • Sushi Yasuda (new)
    • Take Root
    • Telepan
    • Tempura Matsui
    • Tori Shin
    • Tulsi
    • Uncle Boons (new)
    • Wallsé
    • ZZ’s Clam Bar

Zagat had its awards, with some commentary from Eater, for Best Restaurants overall but also the most important Best New Restaurant. I have to say of the new restaurants i do not understand Javelina. I went and it is fast food tex mex with nothing special. Cosme on the otherhand is a most worthy recipient.

Speaking of Cosme after many times going for dinner I decided to go to brunch and it was spectacular. Easily my new favorite brunch in NY. The chilaquiles were to die for and so was the Kale Tamal! Some of what we had:

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