10 Things I love about … Cartagena

1. Boutique Colonial Hotels in the old city like Casa Pesagua, Casa San Agustin, Silvia Tcherassi, Santa Clara and Agua


3. Watching the Sunset from Cafe del Mar

cafe del mar

4. Having Coffee and pastries at Mila – Being gluten free means I cant eat the amazing brownies anymore!! but the rest is still great  and breakfast here with arepa de huevo is excellent. The coffee is fabulous too!

5. The view of Cartagena at night from the Pool at the Santa Teresa Hotel

6. Carriage rides around the old city

7.  The doorknobs and terraces of the Old City Houses (well it could encompass the architecture in general)



8.   Las Islas del Rosario – especially Hotel Agua


9. La paleteria


10. The All encompassing entry: The Food! Some of my favorite restaurants: Vera, Alma, Don Juan, La Guera Milagrosa

cartagena rest

what my friends like:

  • Crab in the islands
  • pulpo a la gallego and cochinillo grom la gallega
  • mojito at Havana
  • Drinks at the Santa Calra
  • Limonada de Coco
  • Portal de los Dulces
  • Pizzas at Juan del Mar
  • Arepa de Huevo
  • Paleta de Mango Biche at Mimos
  • Rosita Benedetti desserts

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