NY Theater Review: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Official description: Neil Patrick Harris makes his long-awaited return to Broadway in HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask’s landmark American musical, directed by Tony Award® winner Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening). Heartbreaking and wickedly funny, this raucously entertaining show has inspired a generation.

My take: This shows proves that NPH can do no wrong for me. He was spectacular. I went to see the show for him and he did not disappoint. He is engaging heartbreaking, and entertaining all at once. My friend asked me if he actually was a good actor in it or was he just pulling a Barney, and I was very glad to say to him that he does do some fabulous acting. I was in the second row for the show and i loved being up close and personal for his performance. The stamina needed for the part is huge. I also really enjoyed the natural improvisations of the performance, the interactions with audience members that could not be rehearsed, and he just pulls off with perfection.

The show in general exceeded my expectations. I expected this show to be all about NPH, but its so much more. The music is excellent, the songs are great rock anthems and it allows for lots of character development. Michael Mayer staging was superb. I have to say i loved the hurt Locker musical concept – it was a nice jab to some of the movie to stage adaptations that are going around. and Lena Hall – what a voice and performance!!! it is definitely not a one man show with her on the stage. The costumes were very appropriate as well, I kind of want a hair dress now!

If you can get a ticket, run (do not walk) to this show.

a great video:

and some pictures I took:20140421-133611.jpg

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