TatisTidbits 2016 Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

Next up in the Guides, the Guys…Gift (10).png

  1. Clarisonic Alpha FIT, 2 Speed Facial Cleansing Brush System, $175
  2. VSSL Supplies – Essential Camping Gear for the Outdoors, $99 – all the supplies hidden in a flashlight.
  3. Mengo AquaPOD Aluminum Waterproof / Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $49.99
  4. Bottle Loft, $29.99
  5. Beard Pack, $40
  6. Herringbone Tie Case, $99, it can be monogrammed BLOG UPDATE: do not use this vendor, had the worst Cmas experience with Mark & Graham and dont want you to face the same thing!
  7. Swiss+Tech Smartphone Tool Case for iPhone, $25
  8. Owen & Fred Custom Black leather tag, $45Gift (9).png
  9. Viddy DIY Pinhole Camera, $48
  10. Scotch Infused Toothpicks Gift Set, $35.95
  11. Work + Play Monochrome Journals, $110
  12. Man Cans, $9.50 each. Candles in scents such as sawdust, gun powder and hot cocoa
  13. Fendi Monster Eyes Leather Card Case, $300.00
  14. S’well Bottle, $39
  15. PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer, $34.99
  16. Read It and Drink (Beer, Wine, Whiskey) Juniper Books, $165. I think I am obsessed with Juniper Books. everything they have is gorgeous and there’s something for every person on your list. Best of all I think books are some of the best gifts
  17. Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4, $25
  18. Chambong – Glassware for rapid Champagne consumption, 40.00


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