New Philadelphia Highlights

I lived in Philly, I love Philly and I have written about it many times in the blog. I spend a day in Philly last week and here were some of my new Philly highlights.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens  This is a small but beautifully packed museum. Based on mosaics by Isaiah Zagar, it’s a great place to visit when the day is nice.


Zahav Restaurant : Named one of the 38 essential restaurants by Eater, and best chef by the james beard awards this year,  I checked it out in my latest visit to Philly.  Some of the food pics:img_5573img_5575img_5572

I really enjoyed it but I have to say it didn’t blow my mind as I was expecting it to. I am obsessed with Ottolenghi in London, and I was expecting some creative Israeli in that matter and it wasnt that. It still is great and super delicious but my expectations might have been way to high! the hummus is to die for! I was also very appreciative of how gluten friendly they were – they brought me a plate of acucumber and chips to enjoy it since I hcouldn’t have the bread which looked delicious. Also the grill items were the highlights, even more than the mezzes

Reading Terminal is always a must when I Visit!


Mural Art Walk:  I couldn’t do an official tour, but i took a little personal guided tour of some of the murals. This map shows them and its a great way to walk around the city. Some of the highlights:



Some other cool pictures of my walking around town:



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