Paris Food Thoughts: Lasserre, L’Escargot and Chateaubriand


Lasserre is a classic in my family. We have been going here for over 30 years so a visit to Paris isn’t complete without a visit to this lovely 2 star beauty. This visit did not disappoint. The service was still on point, the food delicious and the experience marvelous.

To start things off they gave us a carbonara made with vegetables so amazing

As a starter a fabulous foie gras with apricot and some ridiculous amazing gluten free bread!!!! I think it was the best bread of the trip

As a main I had Venison. It was delicious and probably the best part was the mashed potatoes with venison parts inside.

My fellow dinner mates had a lovely canard a l’orange. The best part, the table side carving which was masterful

For dessert I had to have the soufflé. A beautiful pear soufflé with a pear ice cream filled with honey inside- delicious!

A great ending: they still have the same souvenirs from 30 years ago


I had never been to The Chateaubriand so I figured it would be good time to fix that this trip. I really liked it, a delicious simple yet tasty meal. It probably didn’t rock my world like all the buzz I had heard but it was still a wonderful meal and probably one I would repeat.

To start of some appetizers: Oysters with mashed potatoes and herbs. Refreshing and delicious …

…A delicious consommé…

…Avocado ceviche – refreshing but nothing to write home about …

…and Artichokes with orange rind- simple but nice

As a starter, squids with ink sauce, beans and broccoli. A weird but nice mix

For the fish course, cod with mushroom and seaweed powder

As a main a delicious pigeon with lettuces

For dessert a pumpkin ice cream with milk candy- so delicious


Such a fabulous place to gorge on delicious escargots. A fabulous dinner out in Paris. My favorites are the traditional ones and the 24k gold ones – divine!

And probably my favorite bite of Paris: a gluten free coffee eclair. I thought I would never have an eclair again but Paris came through for me. This time in the form of the fabulous patisserie Helmut Newcake! Gluten free divine heaven

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