2018 Network Fall TV Preview – Round 1 (and a little Summer TV recap)

So  i haven’t done a TV post in a while so some recap is definitely in order. Its also the time of the year were I watch a lot of new Shows and let you know whether you should spend your time watching them. Here’s the ones I’ve seen so far. I will do a post later on in the Month when other things have premiered ( i am dying to see the Romanovs and Julia Roberts new vehicle)

Season Pass: I loved it, will probably watch all season i.e. it’s worth Buying a Season Pass

  • A million Little Things: This show is totally up my alley. I did need a box of kleenex to get through the first episode, but it was worth it. The second episode carried strong and im going to be here for it. A Family drama with mystery woven in, very much my style. If you love This is Us you will love this.
  • Jack Ryan: Old style One American saves the world type of show, but its really good! And i love that all 8 episode are out so its a total binge watch ( iddid it in one weekend)
  • Manifest: Im two episodes in and i still have no idea whats going on, but im still watching which says a lot. Great mystery and ensemble show. 

So far so good: Really liking it, but will wait a little bit more for a full on commitment

  • New Amsterdam: I think i watch too many Hospital shows, but I have a soft spot for them. This one so far has proven that i could maybe add another one to the roster
  • Single parents: I’m not much a comedy person, yet this one is very much my style. Ensemble, cool actors and not slapstick. Also it has Leighton Meinster who I love

OK but not great: Willing to give it another episode before I kill it

  • FBI: another stereotypical cop show. However those are cool, and this one I could definitely watch when there is nothing else to see 
  • God Friended Me: This one surprised me. i thought it was going to be stupid but it actually was sweet and compelling. I have no idea were they are going from the pilot though so this one will depends on how it keeps developing.

No way: definitely not seeing another episode

  • The Cool Kids: It could be funny, but not for me, this is dumb laughs and not my style 
  • Happy together: I really couldn’t even finish the 20 minute episode

Really they are just not my thing … and actually might be very good for other people

  • The Neighborhood: its a cool premise ,and it wasn’t terrible its just not my type of humor
  • Magnum P.I.
  • Murphy Brown – I never watched the original so realyl i just didnt  get into it.

 I refused to waste my time even with the pilot 

  • Rel

Fall TV Commentary

Since it has been awhile, here are some other TV catchups from the Summer, where I basically developed  a lot of New Netflix loves. First, we have to discuss the wonder that is Romantic comedies in Netflix (given that The movie theaters don’t provide it anymore – read this article they agree with me):


  • Guernsey – This was such a beautiful film. Once i finished I think I texted so many of my friends saying they needed to watch it ASAP. It’s sweet, historic and literary all at the same time. It actually inspired me to revive the book club. my favorite quote: “I can’t thin
  • k of anything lonelier than spending the rest of my life with someone I can’t talk to, or worse, someone I can’t be silent with.”
  • Set It Up : Great cast, great premise, great production – must watch
  • To all the Boys I’ve loved Before: By far one of the est high school rom coms made in recent years. So good, perfectly done and we all want a Peter in our live.
  • Like Father: Not as addictive as the others, but Kristen Bell can do no wrong in my book
  • Candy Jar: A cute, yet a little dumb high school rom com, which means I obviously liked it
  • Kissing booth: Surprisingly good, even if it was a bit cliche at times

In terms of Series:

  • Luis Miguel  : Obssesed!. Diego Boneta is amazing, the music is amazing, my love for Luis Miguel music was re ignited and we all hate Lusito Rey. (if you didnt get that go watch now!)
  • Casa de Las Flores: I was hesitant at first because I couldn’t deal with Paulina’s accent but then i ended up finishing the whole series in a day. SOO good! (and now I miss her accent)
  • Quee Eye I love them (YAS QUEEN) and these episodes brought tears to my eyes
  • Safe: I am a fan of Harlan Coben Mystery Books and this series does not dissapoint.
  • The Great Interior Design Challange – season 3 was in my netflix and i became so obsessed i signed up through amazon to Life and Garden channel so i could see the other 3
  • Morocco: A cute Spanish historical fiction novela, right up my alley.
  • and although not new: CAble Girls!  

My favorite thing over the summer (or well since I last posted whenever it was ) was Jesus Christ Superstar, have you seen it?

Image result for jesus christ superstar nbc live

To close of, have you seen the Freaky Friday movie in the Disney Channel? you must!!




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