Christmas Music Playlists

My absolute Amazing Christmas playlist is a bit extensive (it is still the bible of holiday music) but 44 hours of music is a lot, so to grant some requests, I have curated some smaller more genre related Christmas playlists: Of course here is the original for your enjoyment and reference.

however these are the additional playlists. Ill keep updating them throughout the year and for next year so keep the links 😉

Christmas Top Hits – my absolute favorite Christmas Songs

Pop Christmas – Christmas carols by Pop singers, a more modern christmas take

A capella Christmas – Acapella all the time

Dancing Around the Xmas Tree – more uptempo songs

Xmas Classics – The Classical Christmas Carols in different version

Xmas – en espanol – All about Christmas music in Spanish

Easy Listening Christmas – More chillout Christmas Music

Religious Classics – A collection of the more religious songs

Christmas for Kids – Although all my lists are kid friendly, these are songs targeted at kids

Christmas Eve Mix – Where I take a mix of all the above and curated the one afternoon/night playlist – this one will go live on the 24TH

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