Book Review: The Stranger in The Lifeboat, Well Met and A Brush with Love

The Stranger in the LifeBoat by Mitch Albom

Goodreads Blurb: What would happen if we called on God for help and God actually appeared? In Mitch Albom’s profound new novel of hope and faith, a group of shipwrecked passengers pull a strange man from the sea. He claims to be “the Lord.” And he says he can only save them if they all believe in him. Adrift in a raft after a deadly ship explosion, nine people struggle for survival at sea. Three days pass. Short on water, food and hope, they spot a man floating in the waves. They pull him in. “Thank the Lord we found you,” a passenger says. “I am the Lord,” the man whispers.

So begins Mitch Albom’s most beguiling and inspiring novel yet. Albom has written of heaven in the celebrated number one bestsellers The Five People You Meet in Heaven and The First Phone Call from Heaven. Now, for the first time in his fiction, he ponders what we would do if, after crying out for divine help, God actually appeared before us? What might the Lord look, sound and act like? In The Stranger in the Lifeboat, Albom keeps us guessing until the end: Is this strange and quiet man really who he claims to be? What actually happened to cause the explosion? Are the survivors already in heaven, or are they in hell? The story is narrated by Benji, one of the passengers, who recounts the events in a notebook that is later discovered—a year later—when the empty life raft washes up on the island of Montserrat. It falls to the island’s chief inspector, Jarty LeFleur, a man battling his own demons, to solve the mystery of what really happened.  A fast-paced, compelling novel that makes you ponder your deepest beliefs, The Stranger in the Lifeboat suggests that answers to our prayers may be found where we least expect them

my take: 3 out of 5. This was a middle of the road dissapointment for me. It was ok but not what I expected from Mitch Albom. I was expecting to be blown away, but inspiration was minimal. It is a book written to inspire an aha moment, so when the response is meh, the purpose of the book just disappears. On the plus side its a quick audiobook read.

Well Met by Jen DeLuca

Goodreads blurb: All’s faire in love and war for two sworn enemies who indulge in a harmless flirtation in a laugh-out-loud rom-com from debut author, Jen DeLuca. Emily knew there would be strings attached when she relocated to the small town of Willow Creek, Maryland, for the summer to help her sister recover from an accident, but who could anticipate getting roped into volunteering for the local Renaissance Faire alongside her teenaged niece? Or that the irritating and inscrutable schoolteacher in charge of the volunteers would be so annoying that she finds it impossible to stop thinking about him? The faire is Simon’s family legacy and from the start he makes clear he doesn’t have time for Emily’s lighthearted approach to life, her oddball Shakespeare conspiracy theories, or her endless suggestions for new acts to shake things up. Yet on the faire grounds he becomes a different person, flirting freely with Emily when she’s in her revealing wench’s costume. But is this attraction real, or just part of the characters they’re portraying? This summer was only ever supposed to be a pit stop on the way to somewhere else for Emily, but soon she can’t seem to shake the fantasy of establishing something more with Simon, or a permanent home of her own in Willow Creek.

My take: 3.5 out of 5. I ended up reading this book because after devouring The DEad romantics, the author recommended this book as on of her favorites at the end of the book so I had to follow through with the note. It is not built on favorite material, nor does it gets close to being as food as The Dead romantics. It is a cute, yet totally predictable rom com, that you will read in one sitting. The characters are interesting and I it hooked me to want to see it through to the end as quickly as possible. Reason why its not rated higher? There are 3 books that are follow ups and so far thy remain in my library list, maybe someday I’ll get to them.

A Brush With Love by Mazey Eddings

Goodreads blurb: Harper is anxiously awaiting placement into a top oral surgery residency program when she crashes (literally) into Dan. Harper would rather endure a Novocaine-free root canal than face any distractions, even one this adorable. A first-year dental student with a family legacy to contend with, Dan doesn’t have the same passion for pulling teeth that Harper does. Though he finds himself falling for her, he is willing to play by Harper’s rules. So with the greatest of intentions and the poorest of follow-throughs, the two set out to be “just friends.” But as they get to know each other better, Harper fears that trading fillings for feelings may make her lose control and can’t risk her carefully ordered life coming undone, no matter how drool-worthy Dan is. Blood, gore, and extra-long roots? No problem. The idea of falling in love? Torture.

My take: 3.75 out of 5. A great meet cute followed by a sweet if somewhat predictable love story. There is a lot of discussion about anxiety and if that is triggering at all to you it is not the book for you. And although it was hard for me to relate, it was very interesting to get a deep dive on how a person riddled with anxiety navigates the dating, or any world for that matter. It is not the best romance of the year by any semblance, and i think the praise that I had heard was a a bit too much in my book, but it is still a cute romance.

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