First Monday in May – The 2023 Edition

I was obsessed with this year’s theme and for me it meant I was going to see a sea of class and pearls . This has been surprisingly one of my favorite years in terms of fashion. So many gorgeous outfits and beautiful homages. There were some people a bit out there but I applaud that. What I don’t applaud is the boring people. There is no excuse for boring. There was so many fun outfits that I will avoid calling out the borings but they were there! In general it was a pretty tone down carpet to past years, and it makes sense, Karl was not a flashy designer, I even think some of his vintage looks that went down were the simplest, yet still fabulous. I’m going to do my unisex top 15 looks (because the men brought it hard!) and then the rest of my favorite looks!

My Favorite Outfits in no particular order, just the ones that totally caught my eye.

Jeremy Pope in Balmain – He’s gorgeous, his look was gorgeous and i loved that it was a man who had the best train moment

I’m loving these high style suiting situations from Stephanie Hsu in Valentino & Teyana Taylor in Thom Browne

Glenn Close is a queen and this Erdem look was so appropriate and gorgeous

Although I completely agree with my friend who said that Anne Hathaway hair and makeup was not great, the dress was one of my favorites because it totally blended the designer: Versace, with the Theme: Karl. Also Conan Gray in Balmain might have been my favorite man.

These are opposites, total stylish simplicity and gorgeous opulence but both fab (Madelyn Cline in Stella McCartney and Rhianna in Valentino)

I honestly did not expect to be complementing Bad Bunny in a red carpet but here I am and his Jacquemus was wonderfully impactful. Another guy that I loved was Eddie Redmayne in Alexander McQueen so stylish and Janelle Monáe in Thom Brown was probably the event of the night

These four are simple but for me gorgeous and totally on theme. Lily Collins in Vera Wang, Miranda Kerr in Dior Haute Couture ( i said I wanted pearls and she delivered), Dua Lipa in Chanel and Olivia Rodrigo in Thom Browne

The best of the rest (in alphabetical order)

Commentary: if you want to read more about it

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