Summer Reading Roundup

summer holidays for me, especially those that involve long days in the pool and the beach, is reading catch- up time. Especially light chick flicks, this is not usually the time I read my deep soul searching books!

I used to carry half my bag with books (like my sister shared in instagram)

But this year I was prepared! Instead of the books or the ipad with its terrible sun glare, I went armed with my shiny new kindle (with pink cover of course!)

MY SISTER                                                               ME

Here is a short review of the books I read, given so much reading was done, if I go into detail the blog will be unreadable! In general they made for some great summer reading experiences!

The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber – 3 1/2 Stars

How to sum up this reading experience: read it in one afternoon because I couldn’t put it down, and probably went through half a pack of Kleenex. Read with caution!

A sweet story that I have no doubt will be made into a Hallmark movie soon (which of course I’ll watch)

The Paris Wife by Paul McLain – 4 ½ Stars

This is a wonderful historical fiction book about Hemingway first Wife. Paris is always a good idea, and Paris in the 20s even more so!!

I was very intrigued by the end, and led me to a bit of a Hemingway research obsession. I now have a couple of his books on my reading to do list.

The Widow Cliqout by Tilar Mazzeo – 4 stars

Inspiring Book on how a woman in the 19th century can create an empire, definitely a business role model. Not only did it leave me craving champagne the entire of the summer (including some serious duty free damage), it gave me a new found appreciation for my favorite drink!

Four of A Kind by Valerie Frankel –  3 Stars

A good book on how friendships can from where you least expect them. As far as chicklit goes its ok, but not exceptional. My favorite part was the fact that their friendship was formed around a poker table – validating my monthly game nights!

The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner – 4 stars

Why did I choose it, well Chick Lit + TV story+ Jennifer Weiner = killer combination for me. I really enjoyed the story, and the self empowerment tone of the book is fabulous.          , it is definitely not on the top list of my favorite Jennifer Weiner books (which could fill a whole new post), it just wasn’t as engaging.

The Thread by Victoria Hislop à 5 Stars

I discovered Victoria Hislop thanks to my wonderful friend Effy, who gave me her book The Island when I was going to Crete. I devoured that book two summers ago and was so exited to visit the Island! I then read her book on the Spanish Civil War and was very much looking forward to this book. The Thread recounts the last century of Greek History through the history of one family. It is a beautiful book, with both insight and romance, showing the beauty and darkness of people. I was amazed of how much I didn’t know of Greek History and how much I enjoyed this delivery. Amazing book, a must read! (along with all her books if you haven’t read them!)

 Where We Belong by Emily Griffin  – 5 stars

Emily Griffin is one of my favorite authors and I was really excited for her new book (yes I did pre order it in April even though it only came out in July!). It did not disappoint. A wonderful insight on relationships of all kinds, and how families can come in different shapes and sizes. Read it!

So what’s on my reading to do list…

The Shoe Makers Wife, The Sun Also Rises, Istanbul Passage, The Fifth Agreement and Dime Quien Soy.. will let you know what I think soon (although the start of the Fall TV schedule will reduce my reading significantly)

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