10 things I love about … New York

What are those special moments, experiences, places or events that make you love a city. I’m listing 10 highlights of each city, not necessary a best of list, just those things that make you reminisce and keep the city close at heart. I’m starting with the one and only – New York!

1. The walk from Central park to Soho down 5th Avenue

2. Henry Bendel – especially the Second Floor

3. The Shopping

4. The wonder of Broadway Theatre (any show, any time! Its magical)

5. Christmas in NY: Love the Window displays & Rockefeller Center

6. The amazing variety of restaurants and food. Favorites of the top of my head: 3am breakfast at L’Express, Alice’s Tea Cup, Tuna Tartar at Morimoto, Per Se …

7. The diversity of the people 

8. All Night Karaoke in Korea Town

9. Radio City Music Hall & Lincoln Center

10. ABC Carpet & Home (including ABC Kitchen, pain quotidien and pipa!)

The fact that if you can make it in this town, you can make it anywhere! (ok that was 11 but it is NY!) 

So I asked some friends to give me theirs, here are some of their answers

  • Banana Bread Pudding @ Magnolias
  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • Cupcakes
  • The People
  • Rooftop Bars
  • Union Square Xmas Market
  • Cuba Restaurant
  • A Bellini @ Cipriani
  • Madison Avenue Window Shopping
  • Celebrate Brooklyn

What are yours?

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