My Browser Bookmarks – Part 1

I spend a lot of my time online, we all do nowadays especially with over 8 hour days in the office. So I decided to do a roundup of the websites that get most of my attention by category. I have not included my social media staples: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, nor my email providers – those are self-evident!

First Up: Online Fashion Shopping, Entertainment & Food Websites …

Entertainment (Tv & Movies) 

  • TVline This is my favorite TV website. The Editor in Chief, Michael Ausiello was always my favorite writer in EW, so when he created this website I was a fan right away. What to look for here: They always have the best scoops on series, Ausielo’s spoiler report is excellent and most importantly Michael Slezak´s recaps are legendary. He is especially good in day after recaps of reality TV shows if that is your thing. I also like their TV Questions of the week, which they post on Fridays.
  • Vulture  This is NYMag´s entertainment blog. I really like the angles of their pieces, especially their use of video and infographics. This is also a very good mix of entertainment, as they cover all media.
  • Huff TV – Huffington´s Post Entertainment Blog.
  • EW The classic entertainment website that follows pretty much the same line than the magazine. The key difference online is good entertainment based slide shows once in a while, as well as recaps of best shows.
  • Zap 2 It This is a website for TV addicts like me. A lot of content, reviews and recaps.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Their fresh or rotten movie ratings (as well as their percentages) is a great way to figure out what to go see at the movies.
  • Online´s Watch with Kristin Eonline´s TV blog. The key thing is that She has good access with shows so he post good interviews and spoilers once in a while. Easier to follow on twitter though.

Online Fashion Shopping

  • Net-a-Porter: The ultimate site for high-end Online Shopping. Great selection, international delivery and serious Sales at the end of the season. Only problem with the in case you want to order, they have serious issues with shipping to addresses different from your billing address. If you are sending a gift, note that you will have to call your credit card and register that address as an approved one!
  • Shoe lovers paradise. I love their search that lets you find exactly the pair of shoes you want and their return policy is amazing!
  • Gilt : Their sales are wonderful, although it is key to be subscribed by email and make sure you know what’s coming up so you get to the website close to noon, so that you don’t get Sold Out on your wanted pieces. As of recent I have found some very interesting Decorating deals here, particularly just bought prints from Fluorescent Palace at a very nice discount. As a plus, they ship worldwide.
  • Moda Operandi: I browse and don’t shop, but it is a shopping site so should be here! Pre Sales of all the collections and a great place for online “window shopping”
  • Bauble Bar: This is a recent discovery of mine and I’ve been impressed. Good accessory selection. I also love that you get points for purchases that automatically convert into dollars in your next purchase.
  • Etsy: Great source of independent art and design. You can find original home furnishings, clothes and accessories
  • Couture Lab: Great Exclusive high-end finds, with a great blog and design

Runner ups:, and all the sites of my favorite brands such as and The above, however, are just the best aggregators and that’s the beauty of the internet


  • Gluten Free Girl Since I’ve gone Gluten Free 2 years ago – I’ve loved this website. I have her cookbook i my house which is amazing, and she constantly keeps the page updated. She is also a great person to follow on Twitter.
  • Grub Street NYMags Food blog, it is a great way to still feel connected with whats going on in the NY restaurant scene (and plan where im going to eat on my next trip)
  • Zagat The classic – although some of their reviews are a bit generic it is a great way to get an overview of a restaurant your researching
  • Open Table: When I’m in the US, my main source for restaurant reservations. The notes section works really well, I use it to make note of my allergies so that the restaurant, especially if it is a fixed menu sort of place, can let me know if it is possible to be accommodating.
  • Food & Wine Magazine
  • Epicurious Great selection of recipes
  • Easy Eats This is an online magazine (subscriptions is free) for people who are gluten-free. Their design is great, they have good articles and I love their focus of incorporating dietary limitations into a normal lifestyle.
  • Hungry Girl

Let me know which ones you are browsing that I should know about!

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