10 things I love about … Philly

Next on the List – Philly – lots of college memories, and whilst doing this list I realized, a town that’s all about the food for me! jajaja

1.     Reading Terminal Market
For me, the best combination is Sushi, followed by Old City Coffee and Cookies. An interesting food market in a unique local
2.    First Friday
Art + Wine = Great Night Out in Center City

 3.   BYOBs
Philadelphia is home to many BYOBs, love the concept and have not been able to find it as widespread anywhere else. some favorites: Gnocchi, Dimitris & Mattison

4.     Penn! 

What Can i say I love it all!

5.     Stephen Starr Restaurants
Many memories were made in his restaurants

6.     Museum Mile

Rodin Museum + Philly Museum of Art and now the Barnes, great times

7.     Scoop de Ville
Amazing make your own ice Cream. My usual menu: coffee base with peaches, raspberries graham crackers and caramel. I just asked a friend his favorite: Vanilla ice cream with kitkat’s, cookie dough, oreos, brownies, and  Caramel and chocolate sauce!!!

8.     Chicken Cheesesteaks! (yes they do exist)

You can fight over Pat’s and Geno’s cheese steaks all you like! but my favorite is the Chicken Cheese steak – the no name one found in the street food trucks!

9. Having a La Colombe Coffee in Rittenhouse Square

I love everything about Rittenhouse Square, but nothing beats a good coffee and La Colombe makes the second best coffee in the city! (see point no. 1 for the best!)

10. Sweet Freedom

A gluten-free and allergen free bakery with great cupcakes, and a gluten-free cinnamon roll to die for!

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