10 things I love about … Rome

Rome is one of my favorite cities, not only for all the memories I have there (with friends and family alike), but because I think it has a wonderful mix of the european lifestyle with the latin flare! Additionally it has great food, history and shopping (my top three in any trip!). These are my top 10:

1. Shopping at the Via Condotti with a Coffee in Cafe Grecco

2. Having Honey Ice Cream from San Crispino in the Fontana di Trevi

3. St Peters & the Sistine Chapel

4. The Moses – My favorite Michaelangelo sculpture

5. The Food!  Some of my favorites: Lasagna at Giovannis, SanSouci, Obika

6. Piazza Navona at night 

7. The Aperitivo – I love the entire concept, and it brings back Great memories or Rome with the girls and some Prosecco

8. Seeing an Opera at the Baths of Caracalla

9. The Colosseum 

10. Supplis in the street pizzerias – my college roommate and I went to Rome for a week in spring break a long time ago, and I think we lived off supplis for the entire week (that and gelato!)

What My Roman Friends recommend:
  • La Montecarlo for Pizza
  • Grom gelateria
  • Caffe sant’eustachio
  • Giolitti for historical gelato
  • Villa of order of Malta on aventino hill for the best views of St Peter’s through a tiny peephole!)

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