Summer 2014 Italian Highlights

I have already written about the wonderful things I love about Rome and Milan, but a couple of days travelling there always allows for great new discoveries:


  • Ristorante Roscioli : What a great find. A small restaurant within a beautiful marketplace. The ingredients were amazing, they made me great caccio e pepe gluten free pasta and the mozzarella was amazing. They also have a great wine list, and even brought me amazing home made gluten free bread. A great find!!


  • Gusto: A great concept that I love in perfect locations. I actually went twice. I went for a relaxed lunch at the Osteria, where I had an amazing rissotto and my friend had some excellent carbonara. Great wines and great service. I also ended up at the restaurant for Brunch on Sunday, which i had done before and I loved it all over again. More casual but a great bite for the weekend!


  •  I am always in awe of the beauty of Rome, so just had to share some of my great pictures


  • I especially love that you can get lost walking and end up in street and pictures like this: PhotoGrid_1410284688472
  • They now have gluten free cones in many gelato places. My mind was blown!!! 20140829_120952
  • Ristorante Felice a Testaccio  – what a great pasta was had here!! not the best service but the food top notch!!!
  • I rediscovered Via Margutta. Hadn’t been in a while and its still as beautiful as ever.20140828_122033


I was only there for 24 hours but I have a fabulous meal at Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia. The place is amazing and so is the food. The somelier is very knowledgeable and I had fond memories of the amaretto souffle with caramel iceceream for days to come ! Some of the food I had:

PhotoGrid_1410284544704 I was also a big fan of the decoration of the place, here’s a picture from their website: ildan


I think i need to add a new obsession to all my Italian Top 10s and posts: Aperol, I think the hashtag of my vacation was #Iloveaperolspritz

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