My Favorite Awards Show Hosts

I was inspired by how uninspiring the hosting was in this year´s  emmys,  I decided to take a look back at some really good hosting moments in recent award show history. My conclusion, definitly the Tony’s have my vote in entertainment, its hard to compete with the guild that are triple threats by proffesion. Hoever some of the other shows have had their good share of wonderful moments. Through this, I also realized that I have a bias towards sing and dance numbers over comedy numbers, but then again I am a song and dance type of girl. So here are some bits to make you forget the terribleness that was Jimmy Kimmel, from my favorite award show hosts.

first of all, the ultimate in award show hosts, Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman together!

Neil Patrick Harris

2012 Tonys – This is my favorite from him because I do wish life were more like Theater!

2011 Tonys – Love it!!!!

2009 Emmys

The closing rap written by Linn Manuel Miranda was a classic

Crashing the 2010 Oscars (starting in minute 2)

Hugh Jackman

2009 Ocars

2005 Tonys

Billy Crystal

2004 Oscars

1993 Oscars

Jimmy Fallon

2010 Emmys – I probably love this because im a big Glee fan

Hugh Jackman & Billy Crystal

Whoppy Goldberg

Oscars 2002: Just because of the outfits and comnig down of a swing!

Conan OBrien

2006 Emmys


.. Next post regarding this wil ldefintly have to incllude all the wodnerful Tony Opening Numbers – great music no host!!

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