Fall Tv Pilots watch

I said in my Fall TV Preview that I was going to check out the pilots of some (im going to try most can’t promise anything, I do have a day job) of the new shows and give you my thoughts. So for now, those that have  premiered or shown their pilots online.

My verdicts:

  • Season Pass: I loved it, will probably watch all season and for me it’s worth Buying a Season Pass
  • So far so good: Really liking it, but will wait a little bit more for a full on commitment
  • OK but not great: Willing to give it another episode before I kill it
  • No way: definitely not seeing another episode

Revolution: OK but not great. The premise although interesting, I think might wear thin. There is already a second episode out and i have had no desire to watch it yet, I jsut wasn’t hooked. I asked my father (in case there might be a gender bias on this one) and he was not impressed either. Something I liked: Giancarlo Esposito as the bad guy. Something I hated: The girl who plays the daughter – she is not going to be fun to watch!

Last Resort: So far so good I liked the Pilot, it has an interesting concept and a great cast of characters so Im going to check out some more episodes. What I liked the most: Scott Speedman on TV again! What worries me: I really dont know how they can make 22 episodes out of this!

The New Normal So far so Good. So I’ve already watched 4 episodes of this and although maybe not Season Pass level, the show is supper funny! Ellen Barkin as the grandmother has to be one of the funniest characters on TV!

Go On: Ok but not great that went to a No way. I took my time to finish this post and by that time I had already watched more than the first episode. After the first one it was an Ok but not great. After 3 – it’s a No way. I got tired of Matthew Perry, and I didn’t think I would ever say that, but i found his character annoying.

Guys with Kids: No way. I stopped the 20 minute pilot at around minute 10 because I could not bear to watch it anymore. That’s all I have to say about this show. It’s dumb and the jokes are not funny.

Ben & Kate: OK but not great The saving grace of this show is the daughter, who is the adorable little kid of the We Bought a Zoo movie. Everything else is kind of Blah. But I will watch one more just in case.

The Mindy Project: So far so Good I really enjoyed this. I think Mindy is fabulous, and in this character she reminds me somewhat of  Bridget Jones, and that is always a good thing!!

The Mob Doctor: No way I say this having watch 2 episodes and being a huge fan or Jordana Spiro in The Boys. I don’t think there are a lot of ways the premise of the show can go, and what was mildly interesting in the first episode, dragged on in the second, and I feel the rest of the episodes could just be very repetitive. It is an alternative to people who like medical shows, but I think there are better options out there

Call the Midwife: So Far so good. This is a charming little show from the BBC that I really enjoyed! It is so well made and the main character is very engaging. Great choice if you like period dramas.

Nashville: Season Pass. Loved it! all the actors are great, the music is fabulous, and the story is super compelling. It is clearly a show right up my alley. And for those of you not willing to give it a shot because it is a musical based show – please watched the Pilot! there is so much more to the show than jsut the music. Plus besides the music is used only as part of the story of them being singers, its not “musical” in the sense that Smash and Glee are.

Emily Owens MD: Season Pass This show was right up my alley. I think Mamie Gummer as the lead has great charm (it proves that genes do come into play in certain things as she is Meryl Streep’s daughter!). This is Greys Anatomy meets Gilmore Girls. Clearly not for everyone but I am a sucker for cute CW dramas so im sticking with this one.

666 Park Avenue: OK but not great This pilot confused me so im going to have to give it a couple more episodes to make up my mind. There were elements that I loved. Vanessa Williams and Terry O’quinn as the owners of the building are fabulous, David Adalbee is great and it has a good mix of a little bit soapy and a little bit mysterious. However the Scariness of it might be just too much to handle for me!

Made in Jersey: Ok but not great. I like lawyer shows and that is maybe why Iwill give this one another shot. The show is ok but not great and one thing that is really annoying right now: the ain character´s fake New Jersey accent!

well, I guess i did watch more TV this past few weeks than I thought!!

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