Movie reviews: Les Mis, Lincoln, Life of Pi and Parental Guidance


Les Mis: I think Tom Hopper really had to do a butcher job in putting the musical on the screen for me to not like the movie, and I have to say I was very impressed with it. Not only did I enjoy it, but I think it was very smartly made. filming the actors singing live and not with voice overs did give the performances so much more emotion. speaking of the actors, I was thoroughly impressed with most of them. Hugh Jackman is always fabulous and his performance is great here as well.

  • My favorite performances : i think Anne Hathaway takes this hands down. She made me cry just looking at her. And her voice is much better than what i imagined!  Eddie Redmayne as Marius was a great surprise and Aaron Tveit (who ive loved on Broadway) was a great Enrolas, his voice is superb! .
  • My least favorite performance: Russell Crowe. I think this is no fault of his own, I just don’t think he had the singing chops to pull off Javert, as hard as he tried.
  • Favorite Musical Moment: Hard call, but its a tie between Anne Hataway’s I Dreamed a Dream and One Day More
  • Least Favorite Musical Moment: cutting down Drink With Me to only 16 bars and changing the lyrics to the Ending!

It was overall very emotional, totally tugging heartstrings – I knew exactly every word of dialogue and still I cried like a baby, multiple times! Big recommendation when you go see it: take the kleenex! If you love the musical I think you’ll love this version, and if you havent seen the musical — What are you waiting for 😉


Lincoln: This is a hard movie to put to paper what I thought, as I believe I am still conflicted about it. On paper it is a fabulous movie. Great cinematography and ambience, beautiful script, wonderful direction and amazing performances. However, I left the theater feeling I should have loved it, but only feeling a strong like. It might have to do with it being 3 hours of dialogue, it is dense to sit through. However, the movie needs to be watched if only for the performance of Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln, it is haunting. There were so many points in the movie where I forgot I was watching a movie and it felt like a documentary – that’s how real his performance and his transformation is, a true talent. He most definitely should win the Oscar for this! The supporting cast, especially Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones, are also fabulous!


Parental Guidance: It is not a great movie, but it is definitely a very enjoyable family movie. We saw it with a 6 year old and she loved it too. I think Billy Crystal is fabulous and he doesn’t disappoint here, his humor is smart and I really enjoy it. Bette Midler is also fun, in her usual, big is better mode.


Life of Pi: My first comment after I left the theater was: I do not know if I understood the movie, but I loved it! This sums up the sentiment of the movie. It is throughly poignant and visually and emotionally stimulating. A must watch! I do regret not having read the book beforehand

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  1. Same Feelings on Lincoln. I thought that the best performance was Tommy Lee Jones’ he was brilliant!!! I think my issue with the movie was a bit that feeling that you used to see Lincoln as a hero, but this makes him look more human and shows how dirty politics are. And that Democracy is the worst type of government, except all other types are worse…

    Ohhh and Life of Pi was unreal! I think it should win the oscar!


    On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 3:42 PM, Tati’s Tidbits

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