The Redefinition of a Princess

I had not stumbled upon the new ad campaign by Disney, I am a Princess, but I’m very glad I did. I’ve been a fan of Disney all my life and I love how the video aims to redefine the “princess” stereotypes with greater messages of empowerment and values for young girls. Change  what it is to be a princess today, and celebrating the princess inside every girl. That it is not how they look but what they stand for. They tackle the criticism of princesses as frilly perfect unreal objects that girls should not look up to, and flip it to show the values and strength that little girls should actually be looking up to: Believing in themselves, being strong, kind,brave, generous, loyal and compassionate.  I love that we are shifting the messages delivered to young girls, telling them that they can achieve what they want, and that they can define themselves and not be defined by others. Even if the message is being delivered for commercial purposes, as most critics will likely condemn, I still like that it is getting out there. Definitely worth a watch if you are a kid at heart like me if you have children, especially girls!

And relating to this, some other powerful Princess media for you!

this one might be very sarcastic.. but its funny!



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