10 Things I love about… Bogota

So I realized I hadn’t done a 10 things I love about about where I live, Bogota! After some request from some people that are visiting, here they are (in no particular order)!

  • 1. Andres Carne de Res in Chia, on a Saturday


  • 2. Museo del Oro (Gold Museum)

  • 3. Usaquen – the first on a number of collection of restaurant areas that are on my list. This beautiful colonial neighbourhood with an amazing number of restaurants in just a few blocks. Some of my favorites: Abasto, Bistronomy, 80 Sillas, Gigi Wine Bar, Horacio Barbato
  • 4. Coffee Shops and Coffee Culture: I love that people actually meet friends to sit down for coffee here, not just having an on the go Starbucks. And of course the coffee is fabulous! Some of my favorite coffee places: Diletto, Pommerigio Cafe, Oma, Juan Valdez….

  • 5. as a friend called it – the Trifecta of Shopping Malls, The Andino, Retiro and Atlantis +all the surrounding areas: great shopping all at walking distance


  • 7. Museo Botero – Botero donated a big chuck of his personal collection, and you can see a lot of his works as well as some of the works he owned from great masters like Dali and Picasso in this free museum housed in a beautiful Candelaria house. Of the touristy stuff to do in Bogota, this is my favorite!

Pareja bailando

  • Christmas Light Decorations! and really everything that has to do with Christmas in the City – The Novenas etc. 


  • 9. The greenery of the city: La Sabana and the mountains!  You also cant beat the contrast of the city against the mountains
  • 10. since there is all sort of food references already above, I should leave one for the sweets: Napoleon or ChocoFlan at Myriam Camhi, one of the few things I miss about being gluten free!


My Friends Favorite Things

I also gathered some info from my  friends. I wasn’t very creative, however my friends sure were and they were pretty vocal and specific and shared  some fabulous finds! (apart from the ones listed above)

  • The Cra 13: One street that has all my favorite restaurants: Brasserie, Casa, Central and Dilucca.
  •  The Bar at Harrys Bar.
  • The climate, even if it rains, it is never to hot or too cold. And sunny days are amazing!
  • That there is so much green
  • proximity to everything–all the microclimates
  • Brunch @ Masa!!
  • Bogota Theater Festival
  • Bogota Beer Company
  • Numerous Golf Courses
  • la Candelaria
  • this applies to all colombia, but the fact that you don’t have to pump your own gas, can get your shoes polished at work and that hair and salons are cheap
  • Brunch in  Usaquén, or just wandering aimlessly and food hopping throughout the streets of Usaquen.
  • The view from  Monserrate
  • Ample restaurant deliveries
  • Arepa de Choclo and in general all the variety of the food
  • How good and varied the parties are
  • the fact that the city TRIES, even if it doesn’t always succeed to find new things to make life better for the ppl–bicycle routes, Christmas lights, day without car etc.
  • Picnic at the Parque del Chico

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